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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 39: Land court; numeration of fees

Section 39. The fees payable under chapter one hundred and eighty-five shall be as follows:

For the entry of every original petition, complaint or writ and transmitting it to the recorder, when filed with an assistant recorder, $240. For the entry of complaint to foreclose tax lien $200. An additional fee of $90 shall be paid for the issuance of an injunction or restraining order.

For every plan filed in an original proceeding, $70, and for every new plan filed after original registration, or for making a new plan filed under an original registration, or for making a new plan on request of a registered owner, thirty dollars, plus five dollars for each lot shown on said plan.

The filing fee in the registry of deeds upon receipt from the recorder of the land court department of a plan or copy of a plan shall be $50 per sheet.

For indexing an instrument recorded while a petition for registration is pending, $7.

For examining title, on a petition to register land, or on a petition to register easements or rights in land, the actual amount charged or allowed therefor to the examiner by the court.

For each notice by mail, $5 plus the actual cost of printing.

For all services by a sheriff or deputy sheriff under provisions of chapter one hundred and eighty-five, the same fees as are provided by law for like services.

For each notice by publication, $5 plus actual cost of publication.

For entry of an order dismissing a petition for registration of title, or for foreclosure of a tax title, or a decree of foreclosure of a tax title or of redemption, and sending a memorandum to the assistant recorder, $35.

For entry of a decree of registration and sending a memorandum to the assistant recorder, three-eighths of one percent of the assessed value of the property registered, on the basis of the last assessment for municipal taxation, in addition to any sum payable under section ninety-nine of chapter one hundred and eighty-five, but in no one proceeding shall the amount payable under this paragraph be less than $70 nor more than $2,800.

For the entry of an original certificate of title, including issue of one duplicate, $70.

For the entry of a new certificate of title, including issue of one duplicate, $100.

For filing and registering an adverse claim, $50.

For filing a sewer assessment, $50 for each document and $5 for each additional certificate affected.

For filing and registering a mortgage, $150.

For entering statement of change of residence or post office address, including endorsing and attesting it on a duplicate certificate, twenty dollars.

For entering any note in the entry book or in the registration book, twenty dollars.

For every petition after the original registration, $50.

For a certified copy of any decree or registered instrument, the same fees as are provided for registers of deeds.

For the registration of all other instruments, whether single or in duplicate or triplicate, including entering, indexing and filing it and attesting to the registration thereof, and also making and attesting a copy of memorandum on one instrument or a duplicate certificate when required, except as otherwise provided, $50, and $50 for the making and attesting of a copy of memorandum on each additional certificate and duplicate. For noting the registration of any instrument on each other certificate and duplicate in addition to the first certificate duplicate, $50.

The fees of the assistant recorder, except as otherwise provided, to be paid when the instrument is left for registering, filing or entering with respect to registered land shall be subject to a surcharge under section 8 of chapter 44B.

The fee for filing a declaration of homestead shall be $30.

The fee for the filing and registration of a declaration of trust shall be $200.