General Laws

Section 49. As used in sections 50 to 51, inclusive, the following words shall, unless the context clearly requires otherwise, have the following meanings:

“Commercial sexual activity”, any sexual act on account of which anything of value is given, promised to or received by any person.

“Financial harm”, a detrimental position in relation to wealth, property or other monetary benefits that occurs as a result of another person’s illegal act including, but not limited to, extortion under by section 25, a violation of section 49 of chapter 271 or illegal employment contracts.

“Forced services”, services performed or provided by a person that are obtained or maintained by another person who: (i) causes or threatens to cause serious harm to any person; (ii) physically restrains or threatens to physically restrain another person; (iii) abuses or threatens to abuse the law or legal process; (iv) knowingly destroys, conceals, removes, confiscates or possesses any actual or purported passport or other immigration document, or any other actual or purported government identification document, of another person; (v) engages in extortion under section 25; or (vi) causes or threatens to cause financial harm to any person.

“Services”, acts performed by a person under the supervision of or for the benefit of another including, but not limited to, commercial sexual activity and sexually-explicit performances.

“Sexually-explicit performance”, an unlawful live or public act or show intended to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires or appeal to the prurient interests of patrons.