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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 99: Libraries; definitions

Section 99. As used in sections ninety-nine A and one hundred, the following words shall have the following meanings:—

''Library materials and property'', any book, plate, picture, portrait, photograph, broadside, engraving, painting, drawing, map, specimen, print, lithograph, chart, musical score, catalog card, catalog record, statue, coin, medal, computer software, film, periodical, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, document, manuscript, letter, archival material, public record, microform, sound recording, audio-visual material in any format, magnetic or other tape, tape recorder, film projector or other machinery or equipment, electronic data-processing record, artifact or other documentary written or printed material regardless of the physical form or characteristics which is a constituent element of a library's collection or any part thereof, belonging to, on loan to or otherwise in the custody of any library. Library materials and property shall also include the walls, wainscotting or any part of the library, or any other building or room used for library business or the appurtenances thereof, including furnishings.

''Library premises'', the interior of the building, structure or other enclosure in which a library is located, bookmobiles and kiosks, the exterior appurtenances to such building, structure or enclosure is located.