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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 6: Recognizance on release on probation; compliance with judgment or order for support; forfeiture

Section 6. The court shall also have the power to release the defendant from custody on probation for a period so fixed, upon his or her entering into a recognizance, with or without surety, in such sum as the court may order and approve. The condition of the recognizance shall be such that if the defendant shall make his personal appearance in court whenever ordered to do so, and shall further comply with the terms of any currently enforceable judgment or order for support entered pursuant to any civil action, including an action for annulment, divorce, separate support, or paternity and support, under chapters two hundred and seven, two hundred and eight, two hundred and nine or two hundred and nine C, then such recognizance shall be void, otherwise of full force and effect. An order or judgment for support entered against the defendant in any such civil proceeding shall be deemed to be currently enforceable if the defendant is currently able to comply with said order or judgment and it is or would be enforceable pursuant to an action for contempt or otherwise as provided under said chapter in case of forfeiture of recognizance, and enforcement therefor by execution, the sum recovered may, in the discretion of the court, be paid in whole or in part, to the spouse or parent of the child or to the person entitled to receive support.