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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1A: Search warrants for articles belonging to subversive organizations

Section 1A. A justice of the superior court, upon application of the attorney general or a district attorney, and upon complaint on oath that the complainant believes that any of the property or articles hereinafter named are concealed in a particular house or place, if satisfied that there is a reasonable cause for such belief, may issue a warrant to search for the following property or articles: books, records, files, membership lists, funds, referred to in sections eighteen and twenty-one of chapter two hundred and sixty-four, or written or printed documents, paper or pictorial representations, referred to in section eleven of said chapter two hundred and sixty-four, belonging to a subversive organization as defined in said section eighteen, or used, provided for, or intended to be used for, the purposes specified in said section eleven.