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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 30: Recall of default warrant; arrest

Section 30. Notwithstanding any law, rule or regulation to the contrary, whenever a default warrant, issued in any jurisdiction in the commonwealth against any person, is recalled by a court, the court shall assess a fee of fifty dollars against the person in payment of the costs of recalling the warrant, except that upon a finding of good cause by the court the fee may be waived.

Any person arrested on a warrant issued because such person has forfeited or defaulted on his bail bond or recognizance or has been surrendered by a probation officer shall be required by the court to pay a fee of $75 payable to the city or town in which such arrest was effected, unless the judge finds that such person is indigent, in which case such person shall be required to perform one day of community service, unless the judge further finds that such person is physically or mentally unable to perform such service.