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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 85A: Probation officers of the probate court; support and maintenance enforcement

Section 85A. In addition to other duties, a probation officer of the probate court may, when ordered to do so by the court, examine all records and files in divorce, legal separation, annulment, custody and paternity cases in which orders or decrees have been entered to ascertain whether the persons to whom payments of money should have been made regularly received the various and definite amounts provided for in the orders or decrees of the court and, where there are dependent minor children, that the same are applied for the support, maintenance, education and betterment of said dependent minor children, and that said dependent minor children are properly cared for by their custodian. Said officers shall bring into court when necessary, by citation or otherwise, all persons who are delinquent in making payments ordered or decreed by the court and shall ascertain in the case of dependent minor children whether they are receiving proper maintenance and education and whether they are liable to become public charges. Consistent with these and other duties, a probation officer shall assist the IV–D agency, as set forth in chapter one hundred and nineteen A to enforce child support orders.