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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 57: Death sentence; pronouncement or revocation of stay; warrant of conviction; execution of sentence; certified copy of record to governor

Section 57. Immediately upon the pronouncing of the sentence of death upon a person convicted of a capital crime, and immediately upon the revocation under section four of the stay of execution of such a sentence, the clerk shall make, sign and deliver to the sheriff of the county where the conviction is had a warrant under the seal of the court stating the conviction and sentence, and that a stay of execution of the sentence has been granted under section four, and that such stay has been revoked under said section, and shall at the same time transmit to the superintendent of the state prison a certified copy of the warrant. Such warrant shall be directed to said superintendent commanding him to cause execution to be done in accordance with the provisions of such sentence. The clerk of the court shall, upon revocation under section four of the stay of execution of the sentence, make out and deliver to the governor a certified copy of the whole record of the conviction and sentence, including any rescripts from the supreme judicial court.