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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Antonio F. D. Cabral Democrat - 13th Bristol

Photo of  Antonio F. D. Cabral

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 466
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-2017
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.124  HD.1039 An Act establishing paid family leave.
H.358  HD.959 An Act relative to Teacher Recertification Requirements.
H.359  HD.973 An Act to Promote Gender Equity in Education.
H.360  HD.991 An Act to establish a special commission on high school graduation.
H.361  HD.996 An Act to implement full-day kindergarten.
H.362  HD.1001 An Act to encourage students to stay in school.
H.363  HD.1004 An Act to prevent dropouts.
H.364  HD.2583 An Act to prevent bullying.
H.562  HD.1121 An Act relative to the annual street list.
H.878  HD.2617 An Act to protect consumers of homeowner's insurance.
H.1299  HD.1033 An Act to protect children against sex offenders.
H.1300  HD.2838 An Act making gun law violations subject to dangerousness hearing determinations.
H.1301  HD.3777 An Act making drug dealing subject to dangerousness hearing determinations.
H.1302  HD.3955 An Act to prevent gang violence.
H.2202  HD.1020 An Act to close automatic weapon loopholes.
H.2203  HD.1058 An Act establishing safety standards for school buses.
H.2329  HD.1067 An Act relative to Creditable Service for Uncompensated Elected Officials.
H.2330  HD.1076 An Act relative to creditable service for early retirement.
H.2331  HD.1087 An Act relative to the New Bedford Police Association.
H.2332  HD.2134 An Act to study certain retirement costs.
H.2702  HD.3948 An Act to promote economic development in gateway cities.
H.2967  HD.1098 An Act concerning proprietary specifications in public construction.
H.2968  HD.2128 An Act relative to price adjustment.
H.2969  HD.2130 An Act relative to improving public safety and reducing construction costs.
H.2970  HD.3566 An Act to clarify school building authority funding.
H.2971  HD.3617 An Act making technical corrections to the public construction reform law.
H.2972  HD.3716 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Revenues and Expenditures Transparency Act.
H.2973  HD.3928 An Act relative to the Public Records Law.
H.3063  HD.3808 An Act to reduce gasoline prices.
H.3178  HD.1047 An Act relative to commercial driver licensing.
H.3179  HD.3922 An Act creating the Mass Rail Transit Fund.
H.3439  HD.1311 An Act relative to abandoned vessels
H.3456  HD.1111 An Act relative to low and moderate income housing.
H.3494  HD.1367 An Act relative to the Open Meeting Law.
H.3516  HD.1017 An Act to ensure testimony in gang related cases.
H.3726  HD.2639 An Act to reinvest in Massachusetts.
H.3727  HD.2734 An Act to protect the Massachusetts Pension Fund from the risks of investment in Iran.
H.3810  HD.3712 An Act to adopt protections for New Bedford's governmentally involved housing stock.
H.4183  HD.4365 An Act relative to a certain license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises in the city of New Bedford
H.4212  HD.4520 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Joanna Cross.
H.4765  HD.94765 An Act relative to the Connecticut River Rowing Facility.
H.4771  HD.94771 An Act financing health care through moral obligation bonds.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.