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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Adam G. Hinds Democrat - Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden

Photo of  Adam G. Hinds

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 109-E
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-1625
(617) 722-1523

District Office

(413) 344-4561
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  HD.249 An Act relative to retirement benefits for June Tooley
  SD.972 An Act to reform the hate crime statutes
  SD.1197 An Act to reform payments in lieu of taxes for state-owned land
  SD.1198 An Act promoting rural jobs
  SD.1199 An Act extending the lifespan of permits held at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
  SD.1200 An Act relative to MassSAVE for vehicles
  SD.1201 An Act providing for protections from chemical protections from pesticide chemical trespass in the Commonwealth
  SD.1202 An Act providing for the public health by establishing an ecologically based mosquito management program in the Commonwealth
  SD.1203 An Act providing for increased reimbursements for special education costs
  SD.1204 An Act to expand membership opportunities in local cultural councils
  SD.1205 An Act to support educational collaboratives
  SD.1206 An Act preserving old growth forests
  SD.1207 An Act to improve oversight of state government
  SD.1208 An Act improving the affordability of child care
  SD.1209 An Act to protect public and private woodlands and woodlots in the Commonwealth
  SD.1210 An Act establishing a Greylock Glen commission
  SD.1211 Resolve establishing a needs assessment of municipal public safety & security facilities
  SD.1212 An Act enhancing worker protection
  SD.1213 An Act promoting the health and well-being of mothers and infants
  SD.1214 An Act to ensure LGBTQ representation within the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
  SD.1215 An Act expanding the sale of products by farmer distilleries and wineries
  SD.1216 Resolve establishing a task force to study racial disparities in home ownership and reducing the wealth gap
  SD.1217 An Act relative to volunteer ambulance service
  SD.1218 An Act to improve the local infrastructure development program
  SD.1219 An Act relative to the Rural Policy Advisory Commission
  SD.1220 An Act to expedite physician licensure
  SD.1221 An Act authorizing Massachusetts Fallen Firefighter Memorial motorcycle license plates
  SD.1222 An Act to support rural volunteer emergency medical technicians
  SD.1223 An Act addressing challenges of rural zip codes and state revenue calculations
  SD.1224 An Act reforming the department of public utilities' proceedings for gas pipelines
  SD.1225 An Act providing coverage for hearing aids
  SD.1226 An Act to establish a Massachusetts Public Arts Program
  SD.1227 An Act modernizing time-share extension and termination procedures
  SD.2046 An Act establishing 413 Day
  SD.2047 An Act to provide increased access to hearing aids
  SD.2048 An Act establishing the right of disposition
  SD.2049 An Act relative to voting rights
  SD.2051 An Act enhancing data transparency within the prosecutorial system
  SD.2052 An Act enhancing school bus safety
  SD.2053 Resolve establishing a study on providing absolute social security coverage for public employees
  SD.2054 Resolve establishing a study on alternative retirement benefits of public employees
  SD.2055 An Act relative to municipal authority in public rights of way
  SD.2056 An Act relative to forest wardens
  SD.2058 An Act establishing the Office of Outdoor Recreation
  SD.2059 An Act providing oversight to leverage economic security in rural Massachusetts
  SD.2060 An Act promoting bicycle safety
  SD.2061 An Act relative to state assistance for funeral expenses
  SD.2063 An Act establishing the MassMade Program
  SD.2064 An Act relative to the growth of hemp
  HD.2280 An Act to allow elected officers in the town of Lee to serve on the Board of Public Works
  HD.2285 An Act concerning horse racing within the town of Great Barrington
  HD.2290 An Act establishing recall elections in the town of Otis
  HD.2333 An Act authorizing the town of Sandisfield to continue the employment of employees subject to mandatory retirement
  HD.2383 An Act providing for the public health by establishing an ecologically based mosquito management program in the Commonwealth
  SD.2439 An Act promoting access to affordable housing in the 21st century
  SD.2441 An Act promoting and protecting Massachusetts forests
  SD.2443 An Act promoting universal access to broadband internet
  SD.2444 An Act establishing a public protection division within the department of revenue
  SD.2445 An Act to create a forest carbon incentive program to enhance carbon storage on private timber lands
  SD.2446 An Act promoting racial equity within state government
  SD.2447 An Act promoting accountability in tax expenditures
  SD.2448 An Act establishing a truth, racial healing, and transformation trust fund
  SD.2449 An Act promoting energy storage systems
  SD.2450 An Act to protect working parents during the COVID-19 emergency
  SD.2451 An Act to provide direct investment for job creation and business expansion in rural communities
  SD.2452 An Act relative to unpaved roads
  SD.2453 An Act providing MassHealth benefits to emergency services personnel
  SD.2454 An Act authorizing the town of Charlemont to establish a tax on commercial recreation services
  SD.2455 An Act establishing a universal basic income pilot program
  SD.2456 An Act financing the Chapter 90 local road program
  SD.2457 An Act modernizing student transportation
  SD.2458 An Act to protect the voting rights of eligible incarcerated people
  SD.2459 An Act furthering adoption of electric vehicles
  SD.2460 An Act furthering our commitment to non-carbon emitting energy sources
  SD.2461 An Act reducing unnecessary destruction of forests
  SD.2462 An Act establishing a public bank of Massachusetts
  SD.2463 An Act relative to electronic toll payments
  SD.2464 An Act creating a special commission to study the current refugee resettlement infrastructure and ensure the successful integration of refugees in Massachusetts
  HD.3210 An Act establishing a tax on local revenues from digital advertising
S.18  SD.2050 By Mr. Hinds, a petition (accompanied by proposal, Senate, No. 18) of Adam G. Hinds for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to voting rights. Election Laws.
S.21  SD.2442 By Mr. Hinds, a petition (accompanied by proposal, Senate, No. 21) of Adam G. Hinds for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to equity in state policy. The Judiciary.
  SD.2440 An Act funding a study of passenger service on the housatonic rail line This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.