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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Alice Hanlon Peisch Democrat - 14th Norfolk

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  HD.609 An Act relative to improving teacher preparation and certification
  HD.610 An Act relative to increasing access for vulnerable students
  HD.643 An Act to protect the rights of municipalities and districts
  HD.644 An Act to reduce lead poisoning in children
  HD.645 An Act relative to the State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund board of directors
  HD.646 An Act making senior citizen property tax relief more equitable
  HD.647 An Act establishing a smart gun technology task force
  HD.648 An Act relative to property tax deferrals for seniors
  HD.649 An Act to continue tax basis rules for property acquired from decedents
  HD.650 An Act relative to school disciplinary hearings
  HD.651 An Act relative to hawkers and peddlers
  HD.1111 An Act to add a compulsory death benefit to automobile liability insurance
  HD.1127 An Act relative to real estate disclosure forms
  HD.1129 An Act regulating the posting of speed limits
  HD.1209 An Act relative to the filing of annual returns by small public charities
  HD.1210 An Act updating bicycle fines
  HD.1211 An Act regulating the sale and purchase of horses
  HD.1230 An Act relative to dental insurance assignment of benefits
  HD.1483 An Act relative to hazing training for student athletes
  HD.1612 An Act relative to dropout prevention and re-engagement
  HD.1845 An Act promoting governmental efficiency
  HD.2072 An Act relative to craft brewers
  HD.2555 An Act relative to the uniform probate code
  HD.2601 An Act relative to early college high schools
  HD.3269 An Act relative to grants for high quality early education
  HD.3393 An Act ensuring high quality early education
  HD.3461 An Act relative to high quality early educators
  HD.3709 An Act relative to special education finance
  HD.3880 An Act relative to establishing flexibilities for school districts
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.