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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Anthony W. Petruccelli Served 2007 - 2016 Democrat - First Suffolk and Middlesex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.64  SD.847 An Act establishing a study commission on the needs of the elderly blind and visually impaired citizens of the Commonwealth.
S.65  SD.854 An Act surveying the needs of children and adults who are visually impaired and reside in the Commonwealth.
S.98  SD.865 An Act relative to pricing in food stores and food departments.
S.204  SD.779 An Act relative to the notification of large job layoffs. .
S.356  SD.2001 An Act establishing risk-limiting audits of election results.
S.428  SD.706 An Act relative to the sewer rate relief fund.
S.429  SD.720 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program.
S.430  SD.729 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program - municipal reimbursement.
S.658  SD.1644 An Act relative to affordable housing.
S.785  SD.840 An Act regulating the maintenance of vacant and foreclosing residential properties.
S.977  SD.758 An Act to further enhance public safety in the Commonwealth.
S.978  SD.810 An Act creating a global positioning system locators in firearms study commission.
S.1178  SD.800 An Act relative to the employee rights of employees of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. .
S.1179  SD.803 An Act providing for fairness and equity for Massachusetts Water Resources Authority employees.
S.1180  SD.829 An Act improving the health of GIC population and reducing the cost of health care.
S.1181  SD.833 An Act improving the semi-private, financially independent, fully funded chapter 32 governed Massachusetts port authority employees retirement system.
S.1182  SD.1464 An Act relative to the appointments of state police.
S.1183  SD.1941 An Act classifying certain licensed practical nurses at the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department in group 4 of the contributory retirement system.
S.1184  SD.1979 An Act providing veteran status to Mr. Gerald Micciche.
S.1185  SD.2020 An Act relative to creditable service for Mark Silvestro.
S.1322  SD.765 An Act relative to the taxation of telecommunications companies.
S.1323  SD.771 An Act permitting cities and towns to impose an excise on the use of off-street parking facilities.
S.1324  SD.790 An Act establishing a groundwater protection tax credit for homeowners. .
S.1325  SD.825 An Act further encouraging the deleading of residential units.
S.1326  SD.871 An Act providing incentives for the development of recreational, educational and cultural activities along the Greenway.
S.1451  SD.1457 An Act relative to an East Boston land conveyance.
S.1791  SD.735 An Act clarifying warehousing.
S.1792  SD.752 An Act relating to emergency care rendered on athletic fields.
S.1793  SD.775 An Act relative to the illegal use of motor vehicle hides.
S.1794  SD.819 An Act protecting health care providers from violence.
S.1795  SD.837 An Act including "machetes" under the dangerous weapon law.
S.1954  SD.814 An Act relative to noncriminal disposition of parking violations.
S.1955  SD.863 An Act relative to uniform hazardous material transportation procedures .
S.1956  SD.2014 An Act financing the Commonwealth's transportation infrastructure.
S.2013  SD.858 Resolutions memorializing the Congress of the United States to address the escalating electronic payment interchange rates that merchants and consumers are assessed
S.2150  SD.2260 An Act authorizing a ballot question in the town of Winthrop relative to the granting of licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages in certain restaurants.
S.2246  SD.2379 An Act banning texting while driving in the city of Boston.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.