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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Brian A. Joyce Served 1997 - 2016 Democrat - Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth

Photo of  Brian A. Joyce

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 320
Boston, MA, 02133
Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.12  SD.1548 An Act to provide the voters of the town of Randolph a choice of charters for a new form of government.
S.15  SD.2204 Majority Report on the Governor’s Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 2009-2010
S.24  SD.1491 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution providing for the abolition of the Governor's Council
S.44  SD.1021 An Act relative to parental leave.
S.45  SD.1437 An Act relative to level IV treatment interventions.
S.46  SD.1468 An Act creating a special commission on behavior modification.
S.47  SD.1520 An Act relative to the licensure of applied behavior analysts.
S.139  SD.148 An Act removing the requirement to provide notice to the department of mental health of a license granted to a guardian to sell real estate.
S.140  SD.1486 An Act relative to the state lottery.
S.141  SD.1573 An Act authorizing the town of Milton to issue an additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises of a certain restaurant.
S.241  SD.47 An Act to establish school nutrition education classes.
S.314  SD.50 An Act to protect assets of the spouse of a nursing home resident.
S.350  SD.1440 An Act relative to polling place safety.
S.477  SD.52 An Act providing for public safeguards and protections for users of automated teller machines.
S.478  SD.147 An Act providing health care coverage for autism spectrum disorders.
S.479  SD.2043 An Act relative to reverse mortgages.
S.647  SD.946 An Act relative to worker protection in housing production.
S.692  SD.1504 An Act relative to the payment of labor and materials.
S.693  SD.1517 An Act Preventing discrimination based on veteran's status.
S.775  SD.1090 An Act authorizing cities and towns to prohibit the sale or use of polystyrene packaging.
S.1086  SD.996 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Frank Silveira, an employee of the Department of Revenue.
S.1087  SD.1073 An Act relative to group 4 for health care professionals.
S.1088  SD.1082 An Act further regulating the retirement benefits of officers and employees of correctional institutions.
S.1089  SD.1092 An Act relative to the divestment of state assets from nations that sponsor terrorism.
S.1090  SD.1542 An Act relative to the retirement options of certain educational personnel.
S.1091  SD.1794 An Act to establish an early retirement incentive program for the Blue Hills retirement system.
S.1092  SD.1947 An Act to authorize creditable service for certain public higher education faculty and professional employees.
S.1093  SD.2039 An Act Relative to the provision of health coverage for municipal employees.
S.1279  SD.390 An Act Extending the Investment Tax Credit to All Corporations.
S.1280  SD.952 An Act to abolish the sting tax .
S.1282  SD.1522 An Act Creating a sales tax allowance for retail vendors.
S.1283  SD.1534 An Act expanding senior tax reductions for volunteer services .
S.1284  SD.1646 An Act relative to the selection and use of plastic carryout bags in certain stores.
S.1285  SD.1813 An Act relative to senior property tax residence relief.
S.1286  SD.1874 An Act expanding the senior circuit breaker tax credit.
S.1287  SD.1951 An Act relative to a senior property tax credit.
S.1288  SD.2017 An Act relative to property tax rebates for senior citizens.
S.1422  SD.1481 An Act authorizing the leasing of ice rinks owned by the Commonwealth.
S.1423  SD.1482 An Act authorizing the leasing of the Leo J. Martin Memorial golf course.
S.1424  SD.1492 An Act relative to the Max Ulin rink.
S.1425  SD.1508 An Act Providing the Commonwealth with greater flexibility in public contracting.
S.1426  SD.1513 An Act Creating a performance management system for the Commonwealth.
S.1427  SD.1514 An Act Creating flexibility in contracting for public construction.
S.1428  SD.2044 An Act to authorize the leasing of the Ponkapoag golf course.
S.1717  SD.358 An Act to increase the small claims statutory maximum.
S.1718  SD.1077 An Act requiring police notification to certain neighbors of level 2 sex offenders.
S.1719  SD.1483 An Act creating a special commission to study summary process proceedings.
S.1722  SD.1976 An Act Allowing for increased efficiencies in judicial administration.
S.1723  SD.2031 An Act relative to dissemination of criminal offender record information to providers of in-home cleaning services.
S.1929  SD.1093 An Act to promote safe driving.
S.1930  SD.1477 An Act Professionalizing the Delivery of Core Services of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
S.1931  SD.1478 An Act creating a special commission to study alternatives to road and bridge tolling.
S.1932  SD.1506 An Act eliminating the use of capital funds for operating and personnel expenses.
S.2044  SD.2093 An Act providing for the payment of certain accidental disability retirement and medical benefits to Antonio Pickens.
S.2131  SD.2088 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Terry Howard, an employee of the department of public health.
S.2238  SD.2366 An Act amending the charter in the town of Stoughton relative to filling vacancies among town meeting representatives.
S.2318  SD.2458 Majority Report on the Governor’s Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 2010
S.1281  SD.1521 An Act Exempting hand packed ice cream from the meals tax. This bill is by request. *
S.1720  SD.1489 An Act Relavtive to wire-tapping in the Commonwealth. This bill is by request. *
S.1721  SD.1527 An Act mandating that offenses for which a pardon has been granted be expunged from Criminal Offender Record Information Reports. This bill is by request. *
S.1928  SD.944 An Act relative to the protection of pedestrians at crosswalks. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.