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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Carlos Gonzalez Democrat - 10th Hampden

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State House

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  HD.289 An Act relative to the development of a strategy supporting micro businesses in inner city communities
  HD.1291 An Act relative to community reinvestment goals for banks
  HD.1292 An Act establishing a foreclosure review division of the Superior Court
  HD.1535 An Act to reduce recidivism through evidence-based programs
  HD.1537 An Act relative to abuse prevention
  HD.1548 An Act to establish the Massachusetts prisoner bone marrow donation program
  HD.1552 An Act to establish the Massachusetts innocence commission
  HD.1554 An Act relative to telephone service for inmates in all correctional and other penal institutions in the Commonwealth
  HD.1559 An Act relative to regulations requiring secure videotaping of the booking process of state police arrestees
  HD.1563 An Act requiring driver’s license suspension for persons convicted of possessing a controlled substance in an automobile with a minor present
  HD.1565 An Act relative to penalties for crimes against seniors
  HD.1568 An Act to establish driver education and training reform
  HD.1572 An Act affecting the housing of prisoners
  HD.1573 An Act to require banks, lending institutions, mortgage companies or sub lenders to file with the registry of deeds in each county within thirty days of mortgage sales and/or foreclosures of property
  HD.1578 An Act to establish an office of youth development
  HD.1581 An Act to prevent over saturation of clinical or educational programs in low income neighborhoods under the Dover amendment without local approval
  HD.1586 An Act to eliminate the use of the MCAS as the sole purpose for high school graduation
  HD.1588 An Act authorizing cities and towns to establish reduced maximum tow rates during certain declared emergencies
  HD.1599 An Act relative to programs to promote self-sufficiency and decrease dependence on government provided assistance
  HD.1603 An Act promoting community on-the-job training for youths
  HD.1609 An Act relative to state grants targeting minority communities
  HD.2628 An Act relative to sports wagering
  HD.2629 An Act relative to sports wagering
  HD.3896 An Act to change the corporate and housing tax credits, tax incentives, tiff
  HD.3928 An Act to redefine exclusive contracts to be inclusive to minority goals
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.