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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative David H.A. LeBoeuf Democrat - 17th Worcester

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  HD.1365 An Act relative to clarifying property tax exemptions for solar and wind systems
  HD.1672 An Act to Facilitate Alternatives to Foreclosure
  HD.1675 An Act Creating a Special Legislative Commission to Study Barriers to Job Retention for Low-Income Workers
  HD.1839 An Act An Relative to Guaranteeing the Tenant's Right to Purchase
  HD.1895 An Act Enhancing Justice for Families Harmed by Lead
  HD.2905 An Act Relative to Streamlining and Simplifying Permitting and Compliance Processes for Small Businesses
  HD.2906 An Act Relative to Inactive Voters and Municipal Census Administration
  HD.2910 An Act Relative to Honest Online Political Advertisement Disclosure and Election Interference
  HD.2914 An Act Relative to The Prohibition of Predatory Financial Practices
  HD.2916 An Act Relative to Informed Consent of Opioid-Based Prescriptions
  HD.2918 An Act Relative to Insurance Coverage of Medicinal Cannabis
  HD.2921 An Act Relative to Equitable Access to Personal Banking Services
  HD.2922 An Act Relative to Capping the Price of Life Saving Prescription Drugs
  HD.2923 An Act Relative to Improving Quality and Coverage Standards of Health Insurers in the Commonwealth
  HD.2924 An Act Relative to Problem Properties and Absentee Landlords
  HD.2926 An Act Relative to Health Insurance Benefits for State Employees
  HD.2927 An Act Relative to Recognizing the Flag of the Vietnamese National Army as the Official Flag of the Vietnamese American Community in Massachusetts
  HD.2932 An Act Relative to Host Community Agreements with Marijuana Related Establishments
  HD.2933 An Act Relative to Protections and Housing Opportunities for Seniors
  HD.2937 An Act Relative to Educator Review of Matters Related to Classroom Instruction
  HD.2939 An Act Relative to Human Impact and Regional Equity Analyses of Budgetary Proposals
  HD.2946 An Act Relative to the Classification and Taxation of Urban Public Access Land
  HD.3788 An Act Ensuring Students' Access to Academic Transcripts
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.