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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative David F. DeCoste Republican - 5th Plymouth

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  HD.98 An Act to provide municipalities with the option to freeze residential tax rate or valuation for the elderly with means tested criteria
  HD.472 An Act relative to the establishment of a means tested senior citizen property tax exemption
  HD.921 An Act relative to increasing operational safety for keyless ignition technology in motor vehicles
  HD.1194 An Act relative to the estate tax
  HD.1655 An Act relative to affordable housing
  HD.1656 An Act relative to adequate condominium reserve funds
  HD.1657 An Act relative to rent escrow
  HD.1658 An Act expanding the definition of affordable housing to include manufactured homes
  HD.1707 An Act establishing a Massachusetts Cold War Victory Medal
  HD.1879 An Act protecting Massachusetts workers
  HD.2142 An Act providing for abatements in cases of terrorism or public health emergency
  HD.2635 An Act foster parents bill of rights
  HD.2657 An Act to establish criteria to assess the maturity of a minor seeking an abortion
  HD.2658 An Act relative to unborn victims of violence
  HD.2660 An Act to protect elder housing
  HD.2896 An Act relative to preventing road rage
  HD.2900 An Act protecting scenic rivers
  HD.3467 An Act relative to a graduation requirement for U.S. founding principles
  HD.3468 An Act to protect the religious beliefs and moral convictions of citizens of the Commonwealth
  HD.3629 An Act relative to capital punishment for the murder of law enforcement officers
  HD.3631 An Act relative to protecting law enforcement officers from fentanyl exposure
  HD.3634 An Act relative to creditable service
  HD.3797 An Act to further the protection of agricultural land
  HD.3895 An Act relative to the board of registration of hazardous waste site cleanup professionals
  HD.3990 An Act relative to Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act
  HD.4000 An Act to protect victims of rape and children conceived during the commission of said offense
  HD.4037 An Act authorizing the South Shore Charter School to join the State Employees Retirement System
  HD.4038 An Act further defining a hate crime
  HD.4042 An Act relative to a property owner’s right to ban the growing of medical marijuana
  HD.4043 An Act relative to bow hunting for deer in Wompatuck State Park
  HD.4044 An Act to enhance opportunities for veterans at the Massachusetts Port Authority
  HD.4066 An Act preventing the de-platforming of political candidates
  HD.4067 An Act to guarantee high tech transparency
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.