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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator John Hart, Jr. Served 2001 - 2013 Democrat - First Suffolk

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.42  SD.1804 An Act to provide for an income tax credit for taxpayers with family members requiring care in their homes.
S.92  SD.1810 An Act Relative to Working Capital and Contract Based Loans.
S.93  SD.1856 An Act relative to a special commission to develop 401(k) plans for small businesses.
S.135  SD.1812 An Act relative to the resale of tickets.
S.196  SD.1747 An Act to Establish a Sales Tax Holiday.
S.236  SD.1817 An Act relative to charter schools.
S.313  SD.1791 An Act Ensuring Providers Receive Reimbursement for Inflationary Cost Increases.
S.402  SD.1822 An Act Authorizing and Directing the Division of Waterways to Dredge the Harbor Area Surrounding Several Yacht Clubs in Boston
S.403  SD.1826 An Act relative to memorials located on Department of Conservation and Recreation property.
S.404  SD.1846 An Act Relative to the Reduction of Particulate Emissions From Diesel Engines.
S.472  SD.1835 An Act Relative to Reduction in Premiums for Safe Drivers.
S.473  SD.1857 An Act providing coverage for hearing aids.
S.604  SD.1818 An Act relative to veterans’ siblings.
S.638  SD.1836 An Act Requiring the Department of Housing and Community Development to Offer the Elderly the Option of One of Three Placements in Public Housing.
S.639  SD.1838 An Act to Prevent Homelessness Among Elderly and Disabled Persons and Families Facing No-Fault Evictions.
S.680  SD.1561 An Act Establishing a Temporary Workers Right To Know.
S.681  SD.1590 An Act providing benefits for permanent functional loss and disfigurement under the Worker’s Compensation Act.
S.682  SD.1611 An Act Protecting Honest Employers.
S.683  SD.1658 An Act Relative to Chapter 23 of the General Laws .
S.684  SD.1721 An Act relative to contract compliance with homeland security.
S.685  SD.1849 An Act Restoring Fairness in the Unemployment Insurance Law for Workers in Temporary Jobs.
S.686  SD.1852 An Act Relative to Widow's Benefits.
S.742  SD.1863 An Act Regulating the Siting of Methadone Treatment Facilities.
S.769  SD.1859 An Act relative to Preferred Parking Spaces.
S.946  SD.1860 An Act Relative to Gang Violence.
S.947  SD.1866 An Act Relative to Protecting the Identity of a 911 caller.
S.948  SD.1875 An Act to Provide Funds for Municipally Operated Firefighter Recruit Training Programs.
S.1068  SD.1572 An Act relative to the retirement of officers in the Department of the State Police.
S.1069  SD.1656 An Act Relative to the Retirement Benefits of Emergency Medical Technicians.
S.1070  SD.1770 An Act to Clarify Continuous Service in a Retirement System.
S.1071  SD.1773 An Act Relative to Parole Supervisors.
S.1072  SD.1777 An Act relative to Survivor Allowance.
S.1073  SD.1781 An Act Further Regulating EMS benefits.
S.1074  SD.1793 An Act Relative to Cost of Living Adjustments.
S.1075  SD.1862 An Act Relative to Contagious Diseases.
S.1076  SD.1868 An Act Relative To Survivor Benefits.
S.1275  SD.1576 An Act Relative to Taxation Veterans & Active Duty Military Personnel.
S.1276  SD.1597 An Act Providing Incentives for the Purchase and Use of Clean Alternative Transportation Fuels.
S.1277  SD.1766 An Act Relative to Tax Deductions and Credits for Costs of Higher Education.
S.1419  SD.1752 An Act to Recognize the Flag of the Former Republic of Vietnam.
S.1420  SD.1753 An Act relative to privatization contracts.
S.1496  SD.1699 An Act Relative to Promoting Safety by Making Gas Gate Boxes Easily Accessible to Gas Company Service Employees and Emergency Public Service Personnel.
S.1497  SD.1717 An Act Relative to the Monitoring of Natural Gas.
S.1498  SD.1730 An Act Providing for Enhanced Protection in the Marking of Underground Utility Lines.
S.1499  SD.1732 An Act Providing for the Inclusion of Certain Gas Employees Within the Protective Provisions of the Deregulation Law.
S.1706  SD.1842 An Act Relative to the Protection of Child Witnesses.
S.1707  SD.1854 An Act Prohibiting the Advertisement of Fireworks.
S.1869  SD.1880 An Act Establishing a Disaster and Emergency Aid Fund for Massachusetts Artists.
S.1916  SD.1507 An Act providing for the denial of driver licenses to truants .
S.1917  SD.1549 An Act relative to the South Boston bypass road .
S.1918  SD.1719 An Act Relative to Quiet Pavements.
S.1919  SD.1765 An Act Relative to Special Veterans Plates.
S.1996  SD.1613 An Act Relative to Veteran Discrimination .
S.1997  SD.1617 An Act to Establish a Military Service Scholarship Program.
S.1998  SD.1727 An Act Relative to Fuel and Shelter Benefits for Veterans.
S.1999  SD.1734 An Act Relative to Appointing Veterans' Agents and Veterans' Service Officers.
S.2001  SD.1888 An Act Relative to Veterans’ Burial Benefits.
S.2002  SD.1889 An Act Relative to the Department of Veterans’ Services.
S.2003  SD.1919 An Act Relative to the Home of the Brave.
S.2032  SD.2101 An Act relative to the appointment of a certain civil service class as firefighters in the city of Boston.
S.2071  SD.1844 An Act Relative to the Peninsula Yacht Club.
S.2072  SD.1876 An Act Authorizing Certain Development in the Fort Point Channel.
S.2125  SD.2178 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Ellen Starck, an employee of the Massachusetts Parole Board
S.2237  SD.2371 An Act Relative to Certain Affordable Housing in the City of Boston.
S.2435  SD.2520 An Act relative to designating a playground at the Marine Park in South Boston as the Michael Joyce Memorial Playground.
S.2517  SD.2669 An Act to protect motor vehicle owners’ and independent repairers’ right to repair
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.