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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative John F. Quinn Served 1993 - 2010 - 9th Bristol

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.291  HD.3579 An Act relative to pawnbrokers.
H.292  HD.3843 An Act relative to the prohibition of alcoholic beverage vaporizers.
H.476  HD.3085 An Act relative to the disclosure of information of interscholastic athletic authorized agents and post season competitions.
H.477  HD.3580 An Act relative to the mandatory minimum age for school attendance.
H.611  HD.3826 An Act creating the Lincoln Park Infrastructure Financing District in the town of Dartmouth .
H.616  HD.3592 An Act relative to the town of Dartmouth Police Department promotional examinations.
H.669  HD.3337 An Act requiring certain mayoral candidates to file as a depository with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.
H.809  HD.3092 An Act protecting the viability of farms in the Commonwealth.
H.810  HD.3268 An Act to further prevent oil spills in Buzzards Bay.
H.811  HD.3342 An Act to promote water conservation.
H.1015  HD.3113 An Act to protect consumers in the issuance of automobile insurance policies and bonds.
H.1016  HD.3127 An Act relative to the conversion of a Massachusetts chartered bank or credit union to a federal or other charter.
H.1017  HD.3132 An Act relative to certain actions and transactions before the Board of Bank Incorporation and the Commissioner of Banks.
H.1018  HD.3582 An Act relative to coverage for insurance losses by windstorm and hail through the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association.
H.1019  HD.3593 An Act relative to the disclosure of federal troubled asset relief program funds by banks.
H.1676  HD.3146 An Act relative to agricultural crop and property destruction.
H.1677  HD.3152 An Act relative to the licensure of court reporters.
H.1678  HD.3153 An Act relative to deceptive weapon devices.
H.1679  HD.3345 An Act relative to the definition of a common nuisance.
H.1680  HD.3564 An Act creating separate criminal offenses for assault committed with a firearm.
H.1681  HD.3585 An Act relative to money laundering.
H.1682  HD.3586 An Act relative to mortgage foreclosure and active duty servicemembers.
H.1683  HD.3824 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Tanya M. Dubois, an employee of the Trial Court.
H.2141  HD.3158 An Act providing for sharps collection centers on the premises of licensed pharmacies and drug stores.
H.2142  HD.3845 An Act providing for the licensure and regulation of clinical laboratory science practitioners and for related purposes.
H.2570  HD.2048 An Act to provide funding of certain collective bargaining agreements.
H.2880  HD.3599 An Act relative to real estate taxes.
H.2881  HD.3846 An Act relative to title V tax credits.
H.3014  HD.3164 An Act relative to landscape sprinkler systems.
H.3109  HD.3173 An Act to promote reliable and high quality telecommunications customer service in the Commonwealth.
H.3298  HD.3177 An Act relating to the requirements of approval for certain lands formerly appurtenant to railroad right of ways.
H.3801  HD.3603 An Act relative to the purchasing and sales of event tickets.
H.4415  HD.4723 An Act relative to the position of appointed treasurer-collector in the town of Freetown.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.