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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative James H. Fagan Served 1993 - 2010 - 3rd Bristol

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.130  HD.2329 An Act relative to time lines for social workers in the department of social services.
H.131  HD.3282 An Act relative to the reporting of the abuse of mentally retarded persons.
H.132  HD.3287 An Act providing for random reviews of abuse investigations conducted by the Department of Mental Retardation.
H.194  HD.2320 An Act relative to self service gasoline stations.
H.195  HD.3857 An Act relative to the Segregansett Country Club in the City of Taunton.
H.240  HD.2626 An Act relative to warranties on used motor vehicles.
H.241  HD.2874 An Act relative to professional licensure in the commonwealth.
H.380  HD.2688 An Act Providing that Parents or Legal Guardians be Held Responsible for the School Attendance of Children in Their Care.
H.381  HD.2759 An Act relative to the administration of public schools.
H.382  HD.3562 An Act regarding school expulsion.
H.383  HD.3759 An Act relative to cellular video and camera phones in the classroom.
H.570  HD.3139 An Act relative to establishing an electronic system for the submission, retrieval, storage, and public disclosure of campaign finance reports.
H.571  HD.3321 An Act relative to the collection of signatures for initiative and referendum petitions.
H.572  HD.3359 An Act relative to prohibiting the collection of signatures for initiative or referendum petitions for compensation. .
H.721  HD.3408 An Act relative to mosquito and insect control projects.
H.722  HD.3509 An Act relative to the Massachusetts pesticide control act.
H.723  HD.3511 An Act relative to deer hunting.
H.724  HD.3755 An Act relative to Morey's Bridge Dam in Taunton.
H.892  HD.3512 An Act relative to preventing fraud.
H.1068  HD.3534 An Act relative to the spinal cord injury trust fund.
H.1111  HD.3513 An Act Facilitating Low Interest Financing for Massachusetts Charitable Institutions.
H.1162  HD.3515 An Act relative to student fees.
H.1195  HD.3516 An Act Relative to Permit Applications for Low and Moderate Income Housing Being Considered by Planning Boards.
H.1196  HD.3517 An Act Relative to the Definition of Low or Moderate Income Housing.
H.1197  HD.3518 An Act Relative to Comprehensive Permits.
H.1198  HD.3519 An Act Relative to Requirements for Subsidized Low and Moderate Income Housing.
H.1352  HD.3520 An Act regulating protective orders in certain court proceedings.
H.1353  HD.3521 An Act relative to the penalty for assault and battery upon school teachers.
H.1354  HD.3522 An Act relative to the extension of certain restraining orders without notice to defendants.
H.1355  HD.3523 An Act providing indemnity from prosecution for probation officers and court officers employed by the Trial Court.
H.1356  HD.3524 An Act relative to the age for the prosecution of juveniles .
H.1357  HD.3525 An Act Relative to Parent Education Programs.
H.1358  HD.3526 An Act Relative to Certain Criminal Sentences.
H.1359  HD.3527 An Act Relative to Admittance of Attorneys to Court Facilities.
H.1360  HD.3528 An Act authorizing certain federal personnel to exercise police powers in the Commonwealth.
H.1361  HD.3529 An Act relative to the jurisdictional amount allowable in small claims cases.
H.1362  HD.3530 An Act relative to the equitable payment of the superior court of bristol county civil proceedings clerk.
H.1363  HD.3531 An Act relative to the rights of nonbiological parents ordered to pay child support.
H.1364  HD.3560 An Act relative to additional responsibilities for clerk magistrates.
H.1803  HD.3532 An Act relative to unemployment compensation for employees of churches and other religious organizations.
H.2047  HD.3561 An Act relative to the testing of infants for crabbe disease.
H.2213  HD.3535 An Act requiring police departments to notify school superintendents upon the issuance of felony complaints against students.
H.2366  HD.2560 An Act relative to the retirement rights of certain employees of a municipal electric generating or distribution plant or department.
H.2367  HD.3536 An Act relative to regulating the retirement benefits of certain public safety employees.
H.2368  HD.3537 An Act to provide creditable service for municipal planning board members.
H.2369  HD.3538 An Act relative to retirement credit for certain court officers employed in the Trial Court Department.
H.2370  HD.3539 An Act relative to the indemnification of probation officers and court officers.
H.2371  HD.3540 An Act relative to leave with pay for certain incapacitating injuries sustained by probation officers.
H.2372  HD.3541 An Act relative to the indemnification of court officers and probation officers of the Trial Court.
H.2373  HD.3542 An Act to place campus police at Taunton State Hospital in Group 2 of the contributory retirement system.
H.2374  HD.3543 An Act relative to creditable service for municipal planning board members.
H.2375  HD.3563 An Act relative to David Sennott and the public employees retirement administration and commission.
H.2376  HD.3754 An Act relative to the Bristol County Mosquito Control Project.
H.2979  HD.3544 An Act relative to the determination of the lowest eligible and responsible bidder for certain public construction contracts.
H.2980  HD.3546 An Act making certain changes in the procurement laws.
H.2981  HD.3547 An Act providing for the reduction of the classes and amount of work for certain contractors.
H.2982  HD.3548 An Act relative to the standard contractor evaluation forms submitted to the division of capital asset management and maintenance.
H.2983  HD.3658 An Act relative to the Taunton Judicial Complex.
H.2984  HD.3693 An Act relative to the Gertrude M. Boyden Wildlife Refuge.
H.3070  HD.3549 An Act amending the advertising and bidding requirements for municipal lighting plants.
H.3071  HD.3550 An Act amending the protection of a municipal lighting plants trade secrets and other proprietary information.
H.3072  HD.3551 An Act authorizing municipal light department co-op training programs.
H.3073  HD.3552 An Act providing additional authority for issuance of revenue bonds by the cities and towns having a municipal gas or electric department.
H.3074  HD.3553 An Act relative to the indebtedness of municipal lighting plants.
H.3075  HD.3554 An Act relative to broadband and telecommunications security.
H.3076  HD.3758 An Act relative to the department of public utilities and notification to consumers.
H.3141  HD.3555 An Act promoting traditions and diversity of all citizens of the Commonwealth.
H.3206  HD.3556 An Act relative to precautions at railroad crossings.
H.3207  HD.3557 An Act providing additional consumer protections in the repair of damaged motor vehicles. .
H.3208  HD.3753 An Act relative to the operation of motor vehicles.
H.3377  HD.3559 An Act relative to annual energy expenses for eligible veterans.
H.3499  HD.3545 An Act defining substantial value.
H.3798  HD.3533 Resolve providing for a study by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services relative to nonprofit group homes
H.3815  HD.3558 An Act relative to the city of Taunton municipal light plant commission.
H.3835  HD.3756 An Act relative to vacant structures on state land in Taunton.
H.3836  HD.3757 An Act relative to the Leonard Street parking deck in the City of Taunton.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.