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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Joanne M. Comerford Democrat - Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester

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  SD.740 An Act committing to higher education the resources to Insure a strong and healthy public higher education system
  SD.928 An Act limiting political spending by foreign-influenced corporations
  SD.929 An Act relative to political contributions
  SD.931 An Act improving access to dental care in the Commonwealth
  SD.932 An Act relative to the continuity of care of mental health treatment
  SD.934 An Act encouraging the donation of food to persons in need
  SD.935 An Act prohibiting non-consensual pelvic examinations
  SD.936 An Act advancing health equity
  SD.937 An Act prohibiting the use of Native American mascots by public schools in the Commonwealth
  SD.939 An Act expanding care for medically underserved areas of the commonwealth
  SD.940 An Act allowing spouses to serve as caregivers
  SD.948 An Act supporting farming on non-contiguous land
  SD.962 Resolve establishing a special commission to foster greater opportunities for skilled immigrants in the Commonwealth
  SD.977 An Act evaluating providing additional educational assistance to school districts with low or declining enrollment
  SD.981 An Act improving the earned income credit for working families
  SD.984 An Act ensuring best practice incentives are available for all school building projects
  SD.987 An Act promoting local energy investment and infrastructure modernization
  SD.993 An Act to protect ratepayers
  SD.998 An Act supporting equal access to community care for elders and the disabled
  HD.1189 An Act allowing narcotics testing products
  HD.1193 An Act advancing public health and safety using fentanyl testing strips
  SD.1429 An Act to examine the feasibility of rail service between North Adams, Greenfield and Boston
  SD.1431 An Act establishing the Massachusetts foster care review office
  SD.1432 An Act establishing a Foster Parents' Bill of Rights
  SD.1433 An Act providing for coordinated data and assistance to address family homelessness
  SD.1435 An Act identifying corporate irresponsibility
  SD.1438 An Act to promote healthy soils and agricultural innovation within the Commonwealth
  SD.1440 An Act providing for timely reimbursement of cities and towns for veterans’ benefits
  SD.1542 Resolutions relative to the prohibition of nuclear weapons
  SD.1565 Resolutions in support of a congressional investigation regarding impeachment of President Donald J. Trump
  SD.1619 An Act providing federal and state budget information to residents of the commonwealth
  SD.1688 Resolve creating a citizens commission concerning the commonwealth of Massachusetts being in alignment with the UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons
  SD.1715 An Act relative to the board of registration in naturopathy
  SD.1793 An Act requiring public interest considerations in gas infrastructure expansion proceedings
  SD.2027 An Act authorizing telemedicine services
  SD.2047 An Act relative to gender identity on Massachusetts identification
  SD.2073 An Act adding a suicide prevention hotline number on student identification cards
  SD.2164 An Act relative to protecting LGBTQ victims
  SD.2212 An Act establishing a net zero stretch energy code
  SD.2215 An Act prohibiting the use of public funds to pay awards, fines or settlements in cases where public officials are found responsible or guilty of sexual harassment or assault
  HD.2749 An Act establishing gender neutral bathrooms
  HD.3065 An Act to promote healthy soils and agricultural innovation within the Commonwealth
  HD.3168 An Act evaluating providing additional educational assistance to school districts with low or declining enrollment
  HD.3171 An Act relative to the Transportation Infrastructure Enhancement Trust Fund municipal reporting requirements
  HD.3221 An Act to strengthen the foundation of the Commonwealth
  HD.3309 An Act relative to land in Bernardston
  HD.3931 An Act to establish a net zero stretch energy code
  HD.3941 An Act establishing local options for generating affordable housing monies
S.11  SD.2242 Senate, January 24, 2019 -- Offered by Senators Joanne M. Comerford and Bruce E. Tarr relative to forming a Special Senate working group to assess the ongoing impacts of the federal shutdown.
H.72  HD.3780 By Representative Blais of Sunderland and Senator Comerford, a joint petition (accompanied by resolve, House, No. 72) of Natalie M. Blais and Joanne M. Comerford for an investigation by a task force (including members of the General Court) to address the statewide impacts of the 2018-2019 federal government shutdown.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.