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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative James M. Murphy Democrat - 4th Norfolk

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.275  HD.198 An Act relative to third party training and background checks for violent history for security staff at bars and clubs.
H.786  HD.210 An Act relative to the protection of inland waters.
H.787  HD.211 An Act establishing the lake restoration and preservation fund and program.
H.788  HD.212
H.789  HD.213 An Act to protect and preserve family camping in Massachusetts.
H.790  HD.214 An Act establishing a special commission to perform an investigation and study relative to the long term management and maintenance of the town of Weymouth's oceanfront, Fore River and back rivers.
H.791  HD.239 An Act Designating a portion of the Captain William K. Webb Memorial State Park as Marys’ Pointe.
H.792  HD.2102 An Act regarding the Care of Wildlife by Nonprofit Organizations.
H.794  HD.2252 An Act relative to the practicing veterinary medicine.
H.993  HD.196 An Act relative to qualified financial contracts.
H.994  HD.943 An Act making technical corrections in the law relative to discharge of certain mortgages.
H.996  HD.2145 An Act making technical corrections in the law relative to discharge of certain mortgages.
H.1536  HD.3619 An Act public possession of marijuana in a municipality.
H.1537  HD.3620 An Act regarding the decriminalization of marijuane and local option.
H.1995  HD.195 An Act relative to uniformly located address numbers on all buildings in the Commonwealth.
H.2124  HD.197 An Act relative to proper identification when requesting copies of birth certificates.
H.2524  HD.191 An Act Establishing a Sick Leave Bank for Christine Burns Clark, an employee of the Department of Public Health.
H.2525  HD.206 An Act relative to Creditable Service for Mary R. Hayes.
H.2526  HD.209 An Act directing the state retirement to grant creditable service to Daniel Condon.
H.2532  HD.3890 An Act authorizing the State Board of Retirement to grant creditable service to Maxon L. Goudy.
H.2840  HD.3918 An Act regarding Green Energy and the Community Preservation Act.
H.3093  HD.194 An Act relative to certain utility regulations.
H.3094  HD.2049 An Act regarding developing a Wind Turbine Project in the Town of Weymouth.
H.3095  HD.3911 An Act defining Green Energy Initiatives for Community Preservation.
H.3274  HD.208 An Act relative to the Route 3A corridor in the town of Weymouth
H.3275  HD.565 An Act relative to those holding junior operator driver's licenses.
H.3860  HD.4038 An Act relative to outdoor advertising in the town of Weymouth.
H.3959  HD.4093 An Act relative to military service.
H.3960  HD.4094 An Act relative to compensation to certain military personnel.
H.4214  HD.4033 An Act regarding Drivers License information.
H.4336  HD.4606 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for David Pizzi, an employee of the Department of Correction.
H.463  HD.277 An Act Concerning Genocide Education. This bill is by request. *
H.3642  HD.207 An Act relative to lerner's permits. This bill is by request. *
H.4213  HD.4450 An Act designating the State musician. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.