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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Josh S. Cutler Democrat - 6th Plymouth

Photo of  Josh S. Cutler

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 167
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-2810
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  HD.177 An Act relative to certain retirement benefits for the surviving spouse of a state police officer injured in the line of duty
  HD.178 An Act relative to youth soccer referees
  HD.179 An Act to ensure benefits through enhanced Selective Service registration
  HD.180 An Act creating a protective facial covering sales tax exemption
  HD.181 An Act relative to proactively protecting automotive drivers
  HD.182 An Act relative to the definition of attempted murder
  HD.183 An Act relative to electric vehicles in high occupancy lanes
  HD.184 An Act relative to escheat
  HD.185 An Act clarifying the rights of employees in education collaboratives
  HD.186 An Act reducing filing fees for single member LLCs
  HD.187 An Act allowing businesses to sign up for the "Do Not Call" list
  HD.188 An Act reducing certificate of organization fees for limited liability companies
  HD.253 An Act relative to wage transparency
  HD.680 An Act relative to hospital profit transparency and fairness
  HD.682 An Act establishing the MassMade Program
  HD.711 An Act insuring adequate minimum school aid
  HD.720 An Act relative to water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities
  HD.1295 An Act relative to the safety of autistic and alzheimer individuals
  HD.1544 An Act relative to closing offshore corporate tax loopholes
  HD.1545 An Act relative to HOV lane access during a state of emergency
  HD.1704 An Act to add Section 5K(I) to Section 5K of Chapter 111
  HD.1770 An Act relative to the free flow of information
  HD.2011 An Act establishing a behavioral health workforce development trust fund
  HD.2012 An Act relative to funding the Behavioral Health Workforce Development Trust Fund
  HD.2014 An Act relative to expanding access and safety of mental health services
  HD.2015 An Act establishing a board of registration of licensed mental health counselors
  HD.2054 An Act to level the playing field for Massachusetts small and medium sized businesses
  HD.2099 An Act relative to inspection station licenses
  HD.2100 An Act relative to homeowner information
  HD.2102 An Act allowing Joseph Barbati, a retired member of the Massachusetts Trial Court, an accidental disability retirement option
  HD.2111 An Act relative to the WorkAbility Tax Credit
  HD.2115 An Act relative to containers, litter, ecology and nips (CLEAN Act)
  HD.3494 An Act relative to greywater recycling
  HD.3549 An Act relative to preventing discrimination against persons with disabilities in the provision of health care
  HD.3881 An Act relative to supporting victims of domestic violence
  HD.4006 An Act to provide economic security for fishing industry participants
  HD.4007 An Act establishing a fisheries conservation gear grant program
  HD.4008 An Act creating a special commission to scope a state grant or low interest loan program for properties prone to flooding
  HD.4050 An Act to protect coastal resources
  HD.4091 An Act authorizing the establishment of a regional old colony communications center enterprise fund by the town of Duxbury
  HD.1568 An Act relative to co-ed inpatient psychiatrist facilities This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.