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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Jay D. Livingstone Democrat - 8th Suffolk

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  HD.236 An Act authorizing independent retirement systems to divest from fossil fuel companies
  HD.286 An Act requiring human service employers to develop and implement programs that prevent workplace violence
  HD.289 An Act for uniform fiduciary access to digital assets
  HD.294 An Act to enhance the availability of immunity to witnesses in the courts of the Commonwealth
  HD.295 An Act regarding testimony after grant of immunity to a witness
  HD.296 An Act relative to fires and explosions
  HD.297 An Act authorizing a local affordable housing surcharge
  HD.391 An Act increasing fair housing protections for domestic violence survivors
  HD.392 An Act protecting the interests of housing cooperative shareholders
  HD.393 An Act authorizing the Commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to grant easements in land for the benefit of the State House grounds and property appurtenant thereto
  HD.394 An Act relative to the disclosure of certain police reports
  HD.461 An Act relative to employee definition harmonization
  HD.462 An Act for unemployment rules for gig economy
  HD.465 An Act to address gender based price discrimination
  HD.651 An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters, and public schools
  HD.1358 An Act providing fair and equitable line of duty death benefits for public employees
  HD.1500 An Act to streamline access to critical public health and safety-net programs through common applications
  HD.1503 An Act to protect against deep fakes used to facilitate criminal or torturous conduct
  HD.1697 An Act to clarify the meal break law and to establish private enforcement
  HD.1927 An Act to reduce atmospheric pollution
  HD.1970 An Act relative to forfeiture reform
  HD.2106 An Act relative to anesthesiologist assistants
  HD.2269 An Act relative to the reform of unconstitutional archaic laws
  HD.2414 An Act relative to paid family leave coverage for quarantine
  HD.2420 An Act establishing the Massachusetts law revision commission
  HD.2425 An Act to reduce congestion and encourage shared rides
  HD.2431 An Act relative to economic recovery for small businesses
  HD.2617 An Act to establish a commission to report on the moral budget
  HD.2687 An Act relative to the size of the Forensic Science Oversight Board
  HD.2984 An Act to guarantee a tenant’s first right of refusal
  HD.3182 An Act to create a commission examining child disenfranchisement and recommending alternatives
  HD.3184 An Act expanding student participation in K-12 school councils
  HD.3193 An Act protecting youth from second hand smoke
  HD.3255 An Act relative to protections for vulnerable employees during a public health or safety emergency
  HD.3275 An Act to reduce mass incarceration
  HD.3406 An Act to provide relief for the cost of child care
  HD.3413 An Act improving drinking water quality
  HD.3597 An Act to encourage Massachusetts residency
  HD.3714 An Act ensuring a healthy future for environmental justice communities
  HD.3740 An Act relative to employment protections for victims of abusive behavior
  HD.3753 An Act to prevent biomass energy to protect the air we breathe
  HD.3179 An Act to remove the voting age requirement This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.