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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Paul F. Tucker Democrat - 7th Essex

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  HD.395 An Act providing for a fair and equitable group 4 retirement benefit for police officers working on Massachusetts public higher education campuses
  HD.396 An Act relative to same day drug testing
  HD.400 An Act relative to timely restitution payments
  HD.401 An Act relative to tourism and visitation marketing and promotion grants
  HD.404 An Act relative to strengthening the penalty for assault or assault and battery on an emergency medical technician, ambulance operator, ambulance attendant or health care provider
  HD.405 An Act relative to the safety of courthouses and remote court proceedings
  HD.407 An Act relative to enhancing courthouse security
  HD.409 An Act relative to authorizing electronic signatures for electronic applications for criminal complaint
  HD.413 An Act authorizing electronic signatures on search warrant applications
  HD.467 An Act encouraging the growth of small businesses
  HD.1440 An Act relative to a streaming entertainment operator’s use of the public rights-of-way
  HD.1605 An Act relative to silencers
  HD.1607 An Act relative to fairness in workers' compensation disfigurement benefits
  HD.1827 An Act relative to judicial security act
  HD.1828 An Act to increase the safety of courthouses
  HD.2112 An Act relative to online driver's education
  HD.2128 An Act relative to police training in appropriate interactions with persons on the autism spectrum and other intellectual and developmental disabilities
  HD.2134 An Act Relative to Supported Decision Making
  HD.2139 An Act to add law enforcement councils to the Massachusetts TORT Claims Act
  HD.2452 An Act relative to automated enforcement
  HD.2509 An Act relative to a cost of living adjustment for retired judges
  HD.2512 An Act adjusting the salaries of the judicial branch
  HD.3124 An Act to exempt the Executive Director of the Municipal Police Training Committee from earnings limitations
  HD.3146 An Act Relative to State Marketplace Transparency Consumers
  HD.3162 An Act relative to blood testing for certain drivers
  HD.3737 An Act Relative to Guardianship
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.