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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Paul R. Feeney Democrat - Bristol and Norfolk

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  SD.217 An Act to authorize the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to establish additional mandated reporters for the purpose of the protection and care of children
  SD.218 An Act relative to medical services
  SD.219 An Act relative to emergency medical services oversight
  SD.220 An Act relative to patient identity and privacy protection in waiting rooms
  SD.221 An Act enhancing the podiatric profession's registration and oversight
  SD.222 An Act relative to executive office of public safety and security dispatchers
  SD.223 An Act relative to Massachusetts certified emergency telecommunicators
  SD.224 An Act to ensure pay parity for county sheriffs' correction officers and jail officers
  SD.225 An Act to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff on the campuses of state colleges, community colleges and state universities
  SD.226 An Act to authorize a local option for group retirement classification
  SD.227 An Act relative to compliance with the prevailing wage laws of the Commonwealth
  SD.228 An Act relative to safe building materials
  SD.229 An Act relative to workplace safety and disclosure of violations
  SD.230 An Act relative to public safety in hoisting regulations
  SD.231 An Act to ensure safety and transparency in pipeline repair
  SD.232 An Act relative to unemployment compensation and labor disputes
  SD.233 An Act relative to wrongful discharge from employment
  SD.234 An Act to establish a Master of Library Science assistance program
  SD.235 An Act relative to manufacturing and factory worker protection from COVID-19
  SD.236 An Act relative to occupational presumption and COVID-19
  SD.237 An Act establishing a primary seat belt law
  SD.238 An Act relative to large-scale solar energy installations on agricultural or recreational land of the commonwealth
  SD.276 An Act to amend the charter of Wheaton College
  HD.308 An Act relative to large-scale solar energy installations on agricultural or recreational land of the Commonwealth
  SD.407 An Act to ensure the health and safety of the commonwealth’s students and educators
  SD.609 An Act to improve nursing home job standards and care quality
  SD.613 An Act providing hazard pay and protection for essential workers during a "State of Emergency" declaration
  SD.659 An Act relative to protecting local retirees
  SD.660 An Act relative to the composition of the Group Insurance Commission
  HD.954 An Act relative to the drinking of alcohol at drive-in venues
  HD.955 An Act relative to increased consumer protections during a state of emergency
  HD.977 An Act relative to the licensure of appraisers
  SD.1019 An Act to protect the integrity of town meetings
  SD.1020 An Act further regulating the continuing education requirements for real estate brokers and salespersons
  SD.1021 An Act to permit enhanced public access to deliberations of public bodies and to permit improved efficiency of public bodies
  SD.1022 An Act relative to safety and health at athletic recreation facilities
  SD.1023 An Act relative to historic route designations
  SD.1027 An Act modernizing protections for consumers in automobile transactions
  SD.1095 An Act discouraging employers from closing call centers and customer service operations in the Commonwealth and relocating overseas, and for other purposes
  SD.1099 An Act relative to reduce administrative burden for government and industry
  SD.1100 An Act relative to transparency in the workplace
  SD.1102 An Act limiting out of pocket health expenses
  SD.1103 An Act relative to group insurance commission procurement
  SD.1382 An Act relative to further defining employees classified in Group 4
  SD.1383 An Act relative to retirement board membership
  SD.1384 An Act relative to retirement boards
  SD.1385 An Act establishing an online lottery
  SD.1386 An Act reforming alimony in the Commonwealth
  SD.1389 An Act relative to remote town meetings
  SD.1390 An Act furthering fair housing in real estate
  SD.1391 An Act to establish a November holiday honoring President John F. Kennedy, to promote increased voter participation and civic engagement
  SD.1558 An Act to promote gas safety
  SD.1559 An Act relative to natural gas shut-off valves, gate boxes and public safety
  SD.1560 An Act relative to maintenance of physical examinations records for public safety personnel
  SD.1794 An Act to provide diabetes prevention program benefits
  SD.1795 An Act to establish a pilot program for specialty pharmacy in urology
  SD.1796 An Act to ensure dependent health coverage for adults with disabilities
  SD.1797 An Act relative to rehabilitation periods for those in addiction recovery
  SD.1800 An Act relative to a just transition to clean energy
  SD.1801 An Act relative to clean energy workforce standards and accountability
  SD.1916 An Act relative to the collection of personal property taxes
  SD.1917 An Act further regulating Sunday overtime wages
  SD.1918 An Act relative to the safety and protection of utility work and construction sites
  SD.1920 An Act relative to land acquisition
  SD.1921 An Act relative to a Massachusetts broadband competitive marketplace study
  SD.2246 An Act eradicating human trafficking and promoting transparency in the retail supply chain
  SD.2247 An Act to establish a commission to report on the Moral Budget
  SD.2407 An Act further regulating thoroughbred breeding
  SD.2412 An Act relative to sports wagering in the Commonwealth
  SD.2426 An Act addressing workplace bullying, mobbing, and harassment, without regard to protected class status while promoting healthy workplaces
  SD.2488 An Act designating the last day of February as rare disease day in the Commonwealth
  HD.3054 An Act relative to a specialty pharmacy pilot program for Urology
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.