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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Robert F. Fennell Served 1995 - 2016 Democrat - 10th Essex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.243  HD.2900 An Act relative to secondhand dealers.
H.244  HD.2912 An Act relative to requiring photo identification for credit card purchases.
H.245  HD.3809 An Act Relative To Restaurant Training.
H.385  HD.2914 An Act relative to dress codes in public schools.
H.386  HD.2917 An Act relative to further defining good cause for the purpose of nonrenewal of contracts for educational administrators.
H.894  HD.2922 An Act relative to a motor vehicle insurance discount program for students. .
H.895  HD.2925 An Act relative to motor vehicle insurance charges. .
H.896  HD.2939 An Act relative to an automobile market conduct study. .
H.897  HD.2943 An Act relative to automobile repair parts. .
H.898  HD.2951 An Act relative to diagnostic screening for prostate cancer. .
H.899  HD.2956 An Act relative to arbitration for automobile insurance property damange. .
H.900  HD.3683 An Act Relative To Home Owners Insurance.
H.1163  HD.2957 An Act relative to the North Shore Community College Assistance Corporation. .
H.1199  HD.3686 An Act Implementing The Recommendations Of The State Auditor Relative To Rent Fraud In State Public Housing.
H.1366  HD.3691 An Act Relative To Motor Vehicle Owner Responsibility.
H.1914  HD.4271 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Jocelyn Burns, an employee of the Trial Court
H.1929  HD.3031 An Act relative to homeless shelters in the Commonwealth. .
H.1930  HD.3034 An Act relative to regulating oxycodone. .
H.1973  HD.3202 An Act Relative to Vacant Lot Zoning.
H.2048  HD.3037 An Act relative to prescription drugs. .
H.2049  HD.3040 An Act to establish a reporting system for drug overdoses.
H.2214  HD.2896 An Act relative to regulating licensed pawnbrokers. .
H.2215  HD.3190 An Act relative to protective custody .
H.2216  HD.3692 An Act To Provide Additional Protection To Local Housing Authority Residents and Local Housing Authority Property From Entry By Persons After Being Forbidden As Trespass.
H.3078  HD.3194 An Act relative to telecommunications and telephone plans. .
H.3142  HD.3199 An Act relative to the Essex National Heritage Commission. .
H.3211  HD.3200 An Act relative to requiring applicants for a drivers license to complete drivers education classes.
H.3212  HD.3694 An Act Further Regulating Motorized Scooters.
H.3683  HD.2969 An Act relative to the escrowing of withheld rent. .
H.3684  HD.2970 An Act relative to the withholding of rent by tenants. .
H.3685  HD.2972 An Act relative to housing authority operations.
H.5082  HD.4968 An Act Relative to the State Contributory Retirement System.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.