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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Robert L. Rice Served 2005 - 2010 - 2nd Worcester

Photo of  Robert L. Rice

District Office

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.478  HD.2933 An Act establishing a personal finance curriculum.
H.612  HD.4027 An Act Authorizing the City of Gardner to Convey Certain Park Land.
H.813  HD.3096 An Act regulating timber harvesting.
H.1691  HD.2888 An Act relating to homesteads.
H.1692  HD.2910 An Act relating to administration of small estates.
H.1693  HD.3837 An Act relative to emergency protective orders.
H.1834  HD.2832 An Act relating to workers compensation.
H.1835  HD.2850 An Act relating to workers compensation.
H.1836  HD.3792 An Act relative to workers compensation.
H.2885  HD.2703 An Act relative to a tax credit for driver safety.
H.2886  HD.3011 An Act relating to taxation of certain personal property.
H.2887  HD.3830 An Act relating to driver safety tax credits.
H.3305  HD.3030 An Act relating to traffic safety at Mount Wachusett Community College.
H.3306  HD.3840 An Act relative to study of Route 2 improvements .
H.3687  HD.3001 An Act relating to manufactured housing license fees.
H.3720  HD.2663 An Act relating to food establishment inspections.
H.3748  HD.2981 An Act promoting school sports participation.
H.3776  HD.2775 An Act relating to emergency protective orders.
H.3788  HD.2799 An Act relating to motor vehicle license suspensions.
H.3846  HD.3804 An Act relative to municipal emergency disaster relief payments.
H.4071  HD.4026 An Act Establishing a Sick Leave Bank for Michael F. Doiron.
H.4429  HD.4769 An Act Relative to Recreation Officers Within the Department of Correction.
H.4679  HD.4964 An Act Authorizing the City of Gardner to Convey Certain Land Under the Control of the Gardner Conservation Commission.
H.4897  HD.5131 An Act Authorizing the Placement of a Certain Question on the Ballot To be Used at the 2010 Biennial State Election in the City of Gardner .
H.5064  HD.5333 An Act City of the Gardner to Implement Plan Design Authority for Health Insurance Benefits.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.