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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Robert A. O'Leary Served 1999 - 2010 - Cape and Islands

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.175  SD.971 An Act relative to licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages.
S.176  SD.983 An Act Authorizing the Direct Shipment of Wine.
S.264  SD.388 An Act relative to high school graduation requirements.
S.265  SD.533 An Act Relative to Equitable School Reimbursement Funds.
S.266  SD.584 An Act Relative to Student Conduct.
S.267  SD.1331 An Act to Reform Educator Licensure in the Commonwealth.
S.322  SD.548 An Act Relative to a Silver Alert Program to Protect Those with Alzheimers.
S.422  SD.979 An Act relative to Farmers' Markets.
S.423  SD.981 An Act relative to mooring fee requirements.
S.424  SD.986 An Act providing fees to licensing authorities for deer tag processing.
S.425  SD.988 An Act to establish a paint thinner take back program.
S.426  SD.1412 An Act relative to the State Reclamation Board.
S.502  SD.1934 An Act Relative to Increasing Access to Homeowners Insurance .
S.572  SD.331 An Act Relative to Nursing Facility and Long Term Care Claims.
S.573  SD.516 An Act Providing for a Fair Judgment Interest Rate for Medical Malpractice Actions.
S.574  SD.538 An Act Relative to Malpractice Reform.
S.575  SD.676 An Act Relative to Increasing Access to Primary Care Physicians for MassHealth Patients.
S.576  SD.1496 An Act Relative to the Determination of Need for Independently Licensed/Commercial Laboratories .
S.577  SD.1624 An Act Requiring Ambulatory Surgicenters and Clinical Laboratories to Serve MassHealth Enrollees.
S.578  SD.1638 An Act Relative to Potential Anti-Competitive Behavior by Hospitals and Payers.
S.579  SD.1798 An Act To Create a Community Hospital Reserve Fund.
S.611  SD.699 An Act Relative to Funding Public Institutions of Higher Education .
S.612  SD.777 An Act Relative to College Readiness
S.656  SD.2010 An Act Relative to Strengthening the Cost Certification Process of 40B .
S.706  SD.985 An Act promoting fairness for workers requalifying for unemployment insurance.
S.747  SD.967 An Act Relative to Martha's Vineyard Hospital.
S.783  SD.970 An Act Relative to Community Planning.
S.881  SD.984 An Act relative to the pronouncement of death in a rest home.
S.882  SD.987 An Act studying the health effects of toxic mold.
S.883  SD.1589 An Act Relative to Encouraging HIV Testing
S.884  SD.1608 An Act Relative to Specialty Licensure.
S.885  SD.1815 An Act Intructing DPH to Conduct a Study of Community Health Trends .
S.886  SD.1945 An Act Relative to Health Care Providers and First Responders Education.
S.887  SD.2006 An Act relative to the practice of medicine.
S.974  SD.975 An Act relative to kayaks.
S.975  SD.977 An Act relative to remove pepper spray from firearms identification.
S.1172  SD.637 An Act Extending Creditable Service for Peace Corps Service
S.1316  SD.628 An Act establishing the Martha’s Vineyard housing bank.
S.1317  SD.658 An Act Relative to 529 College Savings Plans
S.1318  SD.968 An Act concerning tax exemptions for clean and alternative fuel vehicles.
S.1319  SD.989 An Act Relative to Biofuels.
S.1320  SD.1461 An Act Relative to Long Term Care Incentives.
S.1321  SD.1953 An Act Relative to Increasing Access to Primary Care Physicians in the Commonwealth
S.1442  SD.982 An Act providing appropriate public safety protections for security system user information.
S.1523  SD.479 An Act clarifying chapter 445 of the Acts of 2008.
S.1524  SD.556 An Act relative to expanding energy efficiency in the Commonwealth.
S.1525  SD.807 An Act Establishing The Clean Communities and Recycling Grant Program in the Commonwealth.
S.1526  SD.820 An Act relative to default service.
S.1527  SD.1511 An Act relative to the establishment of municipal lighting authorities.
S.1528  SD.1602 An act relative to expanding the advanced smart metering program.
S.1529  SD.2038 An Act relative to reliability on Cape Cod.
S.1779  SD.522 An Act relative to medical liability.
S.1780  SD.560 An Act relative to expert witnesses in actions for medical malpractice.
S.1781  SD.620 An Act Relative to Rendering Emergency Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
S.1782  SD.966 An Act Relative to Aggravated Drunk Driving.
S.1783  SD.973 An Act Providing for the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds.
S.1784  SD.974 An Act relative to the Barnstable County Probate Court.
S.1946  SD.976 An Act Relative to Inspections for New Automobiles.
S.1947  SD.978 An Act Designating a Certain Bridge in the Town of Harwich as the Representative Shirley Gomes Bridge.
S.2123  SD.632 An Act establishing the Nantucket Community Housing Bank.
S.2358  SD.2510 An Act to promote the safe operation of utility vaults
S.2388  SD.2540 Text of the Senate amendment (Senator O’Leary) to the House Bill amending the town of Yarmouth charter (House, No. 4175)
S.2603  SD.2743 An Act establishing a sewer construction fund for the town of Barnstable.
S.2613  SD.2722 An Act clarifying the application of Chapter 156B.
S.1945  SD.710 An Act relative to driver's education in public high schools. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.