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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Richard R. Tisei Served 1993 - 2010 - Fifth Middlesex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.27  SD.2007 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution eliminating the Governor's Council.
S.74  SD.1009 An Act providing for supportive living services for brain-injured individuals.
S.75  SD.1010 An Act protecting disabled persons from financial exploitation.
S.76  SD.1011 An Act directing the Department of Transitional Assistance to enact regulations providing for direct payments to property owners on behalf of department recipients.
S.184  SD.1034 An Act to Stabilize Lottery Revenues to Provide Predictable Aid to Cities and Towns.
S.186  SD.1369 An Act providing for the licensing and regulation of pet groomers.
S.289  SD.962 An Act relative to establishing a Chapter 70 equalization fund.
S.290  SD.1042 An Act to Prevent Bullying.
S.326  SD.961 An Act relative to establishing a personal care attendant registry.
S.360  SD.957 An Act relative to voter identification.
S.361  SD.958 An Act relative to voting list access.
S.362  SD.959 An Act relative to campaign reporting.
S.363  SD.960 An Act relative to independent campaign expenditures and electioneering communications.
S.364  SD.1022 An Act Closing Campaign Finance Loopholes.
S.441  SD.956 An Act to assure uniformity in the regulation of sanitary sewage treatment and disposal.
S.514  SD.1033 An Act Relative to Health Care Mandates.
S.515  SD.1974 An Act Improving the Safe Driver Insurance Plan .
S.590  SD.955 An Act relative to MassHealth.
S.591  SD.1031 An Act Relative to Mandatory Prescription Drug Coverage.
S.664  SD.954 An Act relative to rent witholding.
S.719  SD.1023 An Act Relative to Willfull Violations of the Wage Law.
S.720  SD.1024 An Act Relative to Unemployment Insurance Rates.
S.721  SD.1026 An Act Relative to Employer Liability Protection.
S.794  SD.1965 An Act relative to the removal or transportation of trash.
S.905  SD.1020 An Act Relative to Cigar Bars.
S.1000  SD.1008 An Act to reduce gun violence and promote public safety.
S.1001  SD.1558 An Act relative to the sale and possession of bb.
S.1202  SD.1007 An Act further providing that certain teachers shall be credited with service to nonpublic schools.
S.1360  SD.965 An Act limiting a portion of the rainy day fund to mitigate local aid cuts.
S.1362  SD.1003 An Act establishing a permanent annual sales tax holiday.
S.1363  SD.1004 An Act to increase research and development in emerging industries.
S.1364  SD.1005 An Act relative to expanding the investment tax credit.
S.1365  SD.1019 An Act Relative to Tax Credits for Student User Fees.
S.1366  SD.1025 An Act Relative to Jobs Creation in the Commonwealth.
S.1367  SD.1029 An Act Relative to Corporate Taxes.
S.1368  SD.1057 An Act relative to extending single sales factor apportionment to all corporations.
S.1369  SD.1058 An Act relative to property tax exemption for persons over the age of seventy.
S.1370  SD.1059 An Act providing a tax credit for employers providing day care and/or day care subsidies to their employees.
S.1371  SD.1061 An Act creating a private mortgate insurance tax deduction.
S.1372  SD.1062 An Act exempting certain elderly persons from certain real estate increases .
S.1373  SD.1063 An Act encouraging deleading of residential units.
S.1374  SD.1064 An Act relative to exempting certain medical supplies from the state sales tax.
S.1459  SD.1036 An Act Relative to Competitive State Contracting.
S.1460  SD.1038 An Act Relative to Increased Efficiencies in State Government.
S.1461  SD.1040 An Act Relative to Ethics Reform.
S.1462  SD.1054 An Act relative to human contact with state agencies.
S.1463  SD.1055 An Act reducing the use of paper and increasing government efficiencies.
S.1464  SD.1056 An Act worker documentation certification program.
S.1538  SD.1051 An Act relative to modernizing the requirements for electrical trade practice.
S.1539  SD.1052 An Act to protect consumer privacy rights.
S.1540  SD.1381 An Act relative to the qualification of inspectors of wire and assistant inspectors of wire employed by a city or town.
S.1829  SD.1012 An Act providing for increased penalties for persons who commit crimes against the elderly.
S.1830  SD.1013 An Act relative to the service of civil process.
S.1831  SD.1016 An Act relative to abuse prevention.
S.1832  SD.1017 An Act relative to the expansion of the state DNA database.
S.1833  SD.1041 An Act Establishing Criminal Penalties for Illegal Lobbying.
S.1834  SD.1048 An Act increasing penalties for driving without a license or registration.
S.1975  SD.1030 An Act to Improve the Finances of the Massachusetts Turnpike.
S.1976  SD.1045 An Act increasing awareness of junior operators on the roadways of the Commonwealth.
S.1977  SD.1047 An Act prohibiting cellphone use by teens while driving.
S.1978  SD.1049 An Act relative to speed limits in cities and towns.
S.1979  SD.1050 An Act relative to disabled veterans' motor vehicle plates.
S.1980  SD.1903 An Act relative to motorcycle noise reduction.
S.2014  SD.1039 An Act requiring a supermajority vote for the utilization of rainy day funds.
S.2134  SD.2136 An act relative to the period of registration of real estate appraisers.
S.2230  SD.2344 An Act exempting the position of Deputy Chief of Police in the town of Wakefield from provisions of the civil service law.
S.2288  SD.2397 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Sean O'Brien, an employee of the Department of Transitional Assistance.
S.2316  SD.2463 Text of the Senate amendment (Senator Tisei and others) to the House Bill providing for the financial stability of the city of Lawrence (H4516, amended)
S.2438  SD.2582 An Act authorizing the city of Melrose to enter into a tax deferment agreement with Stone Place Limited Partnership.
S.2654  SD.2776 An Act providing for the abandonment of a certain Wakefield sewer easement.
S.185  SD.1060 An Act to create a board of registration of automotive mechanics. This bill is by request. *
S.1361  SD.1002 An Act relative to state tax deductions for gambling losses. This bill is by request. *
S.1835  SD.1920 An Act Reforming the Judicial System. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.