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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Richard T. Moore Served 1995 - 2014 Democrat - Worcester and Norfolk

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.18  SD.1209 An Act Relative to Pandemic and Disaster Preparation and Response in the Commonwealth
S.19  SD.1216 An Act Protecting the Confidentiality of Patient Prescription Records.
S.22  SD.1172 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution establishing an independent redistricting commission
S.152  SD.1238 An Act authorizing the town of Bellingham to grant additional licenses for the sale of alcohol.
S.257  SD.1175 An Act Reforming the Accountability and Oversight of School Budgeting and Finances
S.258  SD.1176 An Act Relative to the Special Commission on Civic Engagement and Learning
S.259  SD.1258 An Act Providing Chapter 70 Accountability for Adequate Access to School Nursing.
S.260  SD.1639 An Act to Promote Healthy School Meals.
S.317  SD.1171 Resolve relative to the prevention of falls in the elderly community
S.318  SD.1187 An Act to Prevent Falls Among Older Adults
S.319  SD.1215 An Act Relative to Reserving Beds in Nursing Homes During Certain Leaves of Absence.
S.320  SD.1242 An Act to Protect the Interests of Consumers in Senior Lifestyle Communities
S.411  SD.1177 An Act Relative to Flood Control and Regulation of Discharge into Rivers
S.412  SD.1233 An Act incorporating wetland stewardship and scenic resources into wetland protection.
S.494  SD.1183 An Act Requiring Standard Credentialing of Physicians by Health Insurers
S.495  SD.1188 An Act establishing a reinsurance program to protect consumers of small group health insurance
S.496  SD.1196 An Act Relative to Promoting Patient Access and Affordability in Treating Eye and Vision
S.552  SD.1182 An Act Requiring an Analysis of Medicaid Home Health Rates
S.553  SD.1189 An Act to Define the Use of Observation Services
S.554  SD.1190 An Act Financing Health Care Through Moral Obligation Bonds
S.555  SD.1197 An Act to Create a Commission to Determine the Capital Needs of Community Hospitals
S.556  SD.1199 An Act Relative to Equitable Funding for the Division of Health Care Finance and Policy
S.557  SD.1200 An Act to Promote Collaboration on Health Care Cost Containment and Quality Improvement Initiatives
S.558  SD.1207 An Act to Require the Division of Medical Assistance to Provide Adequate Rates
S.559  SD.1208 An Act Reforming the Administration of Health Care
S.560  SD.1214 An Act Requiring Reimbursement for the Costs of Providing Competent Interpreter Services.
S.561  SD.1217 An Act to Establish an Adverse Event Disclosure and Compensation Grant Program for Hospitals.
S.562  SD.1221 An Act Relative to the Health Care Quality and Cost Council.
S.563  SD.1226 An Act to Provide Coverage for Tobacco Use Cessation Under Commonwealth Care
S.564  SD.1227 An Act Relating to Equitable Provider Reimbursement.
S.565  SD.1228 An Act Relative to Strengthening the DoN Program.
S.566  SD.1229 An Act to Promote Electronic Transmission of Health Care Transactions.
S.567  SD.1257 An Act Relative to the Hemophilia Advisory Committee
S.568  SD.1260 An Act to Contain Health Care Costs.
S.569  SD.1663 An Act to Support Primary Care Recruitment by Community Hospitals.
S.609  SD.1714 An Act relative to the Qualifying Student Health Insurance Program.
S.651  SD.1202 An Act Ensuring Affordable Housing in Perpetuity
S.652  SD.1203 An Act Empowering Zoning Boards of Appeals
S.653  SD.1235 An Act Reforming Chapter 40B.
S.744  SD.1263 An Act to Improve Access to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.
S.779  SD.1232 An Act to Promote Municipal Efficiency and Innovation Through Regional Collaboration.
S.780  SD.1252 An Act Authorizing the Aquarion Water Company to Establish a Water Distribution and Water Supply System in a Portion of the Town of Sutton.
S.845  SD.1178 An Act Relative to Safe Work Hours for Physicians in Training and Protection of Patients
S.846  SD.1179 An Act Relative to Volunteer Physicians
S.847  SD.1180 An Act Relative to a Board of Midwifery
S.848  SD.1181 An Act Relative to MassHealth Enrollment for Persons Leaving Correctional Facilities
S.849  SD.1184 An Act Regarding Medical Record Retention Requirements
S.850  SD.1185 An Act to Establish a Vision Care Registry
S.851  SD.1186 An Act Relative to the Statewide Head Injury Program
S.852  SD.1191 An Act Making Technical Corrections Ensuring Access to Medically Necessary Post-Acute Care Services
S.853  SD.1192 An Act to Modernize Determination of Need Review for Non-Acute Hospitals
S.854  SD.1193 An Act Adopting the Nurse Licensure Compact
S.855  SD.1194 An Act to Promote the Elimination of Medication Waste in Certain State Facilities
S.856  SD.1195 An Act Requiring Hospitals to Notify Patients of Physician Discipline
S.857  SD.1198 An Act Prohibiting the Use of All Latex Gloves and Products by Persons who Handle Food
S.858  SD.1211 An Act Relative to the Health Disparities Council
S.859  SD.1213 An Act Establishing the Massachusetts Childhood Vaccines Program and the Massachusetts Immunization Registry
S.860  SD.1219 An Act relative to home health aides
S.861  SD.1222 An Act Promoting Healthy Alternatives in Public School Food Programs.
S.862  SD.1223 An Act Relative to the Labeling of Certain Food Products
S.863  SD.1224 An Act Relative to Disciplinary Actions Under the Board of Registration in Medicine.
S.864  SD.1225 An Act Relative to Technical Changes Pertaining to the Board of Registration in Medicine.
S.865  SD.1234 An Act Relative to the Division of Medical Assistance.
S.866  SD.1243 An Act Relative to the Board of Registration in Nursing.
S.867  SD.1244 An Act Relative to Centers of Excellence.
S.868  SD.1246 An Act Establishing a Massachusetts Comparative Cost Effectiveness Institute.
S.869  SD.1249 An Act Requiring the Public Reporting of Potentially Preventable Hospital Readmissions.
S.870  SD.1255 An Act Relative to Personal Trainers.
S.871  SD.1256 An Act to Require Equitable Payment from the Commonwealth.
S.872  SD.1261 An Act to Prohibit Mandatory Overtime for the Health Care Workforce.
S.873  SD.1267 An Act Strengthening Health Reform.
S.874  SD.1268 An Act Relative to Patient Safety
S.875  SD.1406 An Act Relative to the Registration of Podiatrists.
S.876  SD.1673 An Act to Promote the Nursing Profession and Promote Safe Patient Care.
S.877  SD.1901 An Act Relative to Health Care Provider Transportation.
S.878  SD.1950 An Act to Improve the Delivery of Health Care.
S.962  SD.1201 An Act to Promote Business Continuity and Recovery After a Disaster
S.963  SD.1206 An Act Limiting the Implementation of Real ID
S.964  SD.1210 An Act Prohibiting the Confiscation of Lawfully Owned Firearms During a State of Emergency
S.1143  SD.1204 An Act Relative to Eligibility for State Group Health Insurance
S.1144  SD.1212 An Act to Clarify the Cost of Transfers
S.1145  SD.1231 An Act Expanding Benefits Available to Municipalities with Membership in the Group Insurance Commission.
S.1146  SD.1236 An Act amending police appointments in the town of Dudley.
S.1147  SD.1250 An Act relative to creditable service for Paul A. Bouvier.
S.1148  SD.1251 An Act Relative to Creditable Service for William A. Martin.
S.1149  SD.1266 An Act relative to the fair treatment of certain teachers’ retirement benefits.
S.1299  SD.1245 An Act Establishing a Health Care Electronic Prescribing Tax Credit.
S.1435  SD.1170 Resolve relative to state government accountability, economy, and efficiency
S.1436  SD.1174 An Act Relative to Sleep Deprivation Avoidance and Promotion of Good Sleeping Practices
S.1437  SD.1637 An Act to Improve Public Contracting with Massachusetts Farmers.
S.1754  SD.1205 An Act to Promote Pedestrian Responsibility
S.1755  SD.1218 An Act Reforming the Medical Malpractice System.
S.1756  SD.1240 An Act relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
S.1757  SD.1596 An Act to Improve Nurse Safety
S.1874  SD.450 An Act Relative to the Observation of Veterans Day
S.1937  SD.1173 An Act Erecting a Clara Barton Sign on I-395
S.1938  SD.1262 An Act Relative to Motor Vehicle Registrations.
S.1939  SD.1554 An Act Relative to Drowsy Driving.
S.2126  SD.1237 An Act relative to the Milford Geriatric Authority.
S.2158  SD.2140 An Act designating a certain node of the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park in the town of Uxbridge as the Effingham Capron Memorial Park.
S.2159  SD.2166 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Uxbridge as the Titus Ebbeling Memorial Bridge.
S.2160  SD.2167 An Act Designating a Certain Area of the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park in the Town of Northbridge as the Spaulding R. Aldrich Recreation Area.
S.2170  SD.2188 An Act relative to an affordable health plan.
S.2196  SD.2307 An Act Bill authorizing the town of Oxford to grant an additional license for the sale of wines and malt beverages not to be drunk on the premises
S.2389  SD.2306 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Jacqueline Enno.
S.2454  SD.2625 Text of amendment (1) offered by Messrs. Richard T. Moore and Tarr to the pending Senate Ways and Means amendment (Senate, No. 4) to the House Bill making appropriations for the fiscal year 2010 for the maintenance of the departments, boards, commissions, institutions and certain activities of the Commonwealth, for interest, sinking fund and serial bond requirements and for certain permanent improvements
S.2455  SD.2626 Text of amendment (23) offered by Mr. Richard T. Moore to the pending Senate Ways and Means amendment (Senate, No. 4) to the House Bill making appropriations for the fiscal year 2010 for the maintenance of the departments, boards, commissions, institutions and certain activities of the Commonwealth, for interest, sinking fund and serial bond requirements and for certain permanent improvements
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.