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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Shawn Dooley Republican - 9th Norfolk

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  HD.496 An Act relative to combating the opioid epidemic
  HD.537 An Act relative to the medical expense tax deduction
  HD.538 An Act relative to the payment of rent while awaiting a court proceeding
  HD.539 An Act incentivizing college savings
  HD.541 An Act relative to parenting time
  HD.542 An Act relative to speedy trials
  HD.543 An Act creating a training wage
  HD.544 An Act relative to inspections for new vehicles and motorcycles
  HD.545 An Act relative to automobile and motorcycle accidents
  HD.546 An Act relative to the payment of terminated employees
  HD.547 An Act ensuring the efficiency of protective order hearings
  HD.548 An Act relative to firefighters and sarcoidosis
  HD.549 An Act relative to correctional facilities and affordable housing
  HD.550 An Act relative to the veteran status of certain reservists
  HD.551 An Act relative to allowing a local sales tax on medical marijuana
  HD.552 An Act establishing a special commission to improve fairness in local Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority tax assessments
  HD.553 An Act relative to public information requests
  HD.554 An Act regulating certain activities at polling locations
  HD.555 An Act ensuring school bus safety
  HD.556 An Act establishing school zones for locomotives
  HD.557 An Act requiring labeling of allergens in prepared foods
  HD.558 An Act relative to dry needling
  HD.559 An Act providing for the treatment of overdose victims
  HD.560 An Act requiring continual coverage of prescription medication
  HD.561 An Act ensuring the enforcement of mandatory minimums for firearm related crimes
  HD.563 An Act authorizing the establishment of a special election guarantee fund
  HD.564 An Act to establish a study of Kingsbury Pond in the town of Norfolk
  HD.565 An Act relative to regional school districts and chapter 40B housing
  HD.566 An Act allowing legislative employees to unionize
  HD.567 An Act relative to information included with municipal tax bills
  HD.568 An Act promoting workforce housing
  HD.570 An Act relative to civic test requirements for graduation
  HD.571 An Act relative to establishing income reviews for residents of affordable housing
  HD.572 An Act relative to how Electoral College votes are delegated
  HD.573 An Act ensuring cyber security in the Commonwealth
  HD.574 An Act to decrease waiting times at polling places
  HD.575 An Act relative to the establishment of a commission for fairness in liquor licensing
  HD.576 An Act to create a commission to investigate the advertising practices of the solar energy industry
  HD.577 An Act directing the highway division of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to take by eminent domain the City Mills dam and certain surrounding land in the town of Norfolk
  HD.578 An Act expanding the definition of affordable housing
  HD.579 An Act relative to American Sign Language Training
  HD.580 An Act relative to the definition of consistent with local needs in chapter 40b
  HD.581 An Act increasing citizen participation in elections
  HD.582 An Act relative to cybersecurity standards in government procurements
  HD.583 An Act relative to increasing hotel and motel safety
  HD.584 An Act creating a youth wage
  HD.585 An Act instituting the death penalty for the murder of law enforcement officers
  HD.586 An Act relative to the operation of personal watercrafts
  HD.587 An Act creating a licensing process for personal care attendants
  HD.588 An Act prohibiting certain business dealings with agents of foreign adversaries by the Commonwealth and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  HD.589 An Act providing disability benefits for police officers with certain conditions of cancer
  HD.590 An Act relative to the lawful return of property
  HD.591 An Act establishing mandatory school lockdown drills in the Commonwealth
  HD.592 An Act to responsibly protect employment and revenue derived from the Commonwealth’s gaming industry
  HD.593 An Act relative to call and volunteer firefighters and EMTs
  HD.594 An Act relative to per diem and part time police officers
  HD.595 An Act to create an open-container law for marijuana
  HD.1024 An Act relative to combustible gas detectors
  HD.1228 An Act regulating the sale and purchase of butane and propane
  HD.1259 An Act relative to limiting public records requests
  HD.1272 An Act relative to mandatory sentences for those committing an assault on a law enforcement officer
  HD.1510 An Act further defining fraud in public construction contracts
  HD.1616 An Act relative to the Massachusetts estate tax code
  HD.1618 An Act relative to assessing the costs of unemployment fraud
  HD.1619 An Act relative to the prevention of unemployment fraud
  HD.1753 An Act relative to requiring trauma kits in public buildings
  HD.3314 An Act to Establish Election Integrity
  HD.3315 An Act to establish a commission to study election integrity
  HD.3319 An Act Relative to Electronic Expense Payments
  HD.3547 An Act to prevent aiding, supporting, or enticing a child to runaway
  HD.3998 An Order relative to the establishment of mail-in voting in the Commonwealth
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.