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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Thomas P. Conroy Served 2007 - 2014 Democrat - 13th Middlesex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.631  HD.4036 An Act authorizing local voting rights for permanent resident aliens in the town of Wayland. .
H.883  HD.520 An Act relative to motor vehicle glass repair shop registration.
H.884  HD.521 An Act relating to consumer protection in motor vehicle glass service.
H.1328  HD.3779 An Act to prohibit human trafficking in massachusetts.
H.1903  HD.4023 An Act Relative to Real Estate Taxes in the Town of Wayland.
H.2343  HD.3924 An Act relative to the investment of other post employment benefits trust funds established by municipalities and certain other governmental units.
H.2718  HD.3632 An Act relative to the senior tax credit expansion.
H.3188  HD.3623 An Act relative to the gradual increase in the taxation of sales of gasoline.
H.4225  HD.4274 An Act relative to real estate tax payments.
H.4256  HD.4579 An Act Relative to Elections in the Town of Wayland.
H.4257  HD.4580 AN ACT authorizing the town of Lincoln to place a certain question relative to the sale of wines and malt beverages on the town’s election ballot.
H.4292  HD.4621 An Act to Help Towns Finance School Buildings.
H.4319  HD.4625 An Act Establishing A Post Employment Benefits Trust Fund In The Town Of Wayland.
H.4715  HD.4973 An Act Authorizing the Town of Sudbury to enter into or to extend wireless facility contracts or leases for periods in excess of twenty years.
H.4718  HD.5031 An Act Authorizing the Town of Sudbury to Enter into Long-Term Energy Related Leases / Contracts Including Power Purchase Agreements.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.