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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Tackey Chan Democrat - 2nd Norfolk

Photo of  Tackey Chan

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 42
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-2014
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  HD.657 An Act to remove the film tax credit expiration date
  HD.658 An Act relative to manufactured housing
  HD.659 An Act establishing senior citizen toll discount on the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Ted Williams Tunnel and the Tobin Bridge
  HD.660 An Act protecting wages of employees who receive wages through an electronic wage card
  HD.661 An Act expanding pleasure boat access to Boston Harbor
  HD.662 An Act authorizing and directing the director of the Division of Waterways to dredge the harbor area surrounding Houghs Neck in the city of Quincy
  HD.664 An Act relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit
  HD.665 An Act relative to double poles
  HD.666 An Act to require financial institutions to pay late fees when it fails to conduct an electronic transfer
  HD.667 An Act requiring food allergen certification in vocational schools
  HD.668 An Act to allow certain stores and shops to open on holidays
  HD.741 An Act relative to leaving the scene of a collision
  HD.742 An Act to assist the investigation of serious crimes
  HD.743 An Act relative to violent crimes
  HD.832 An Act restoring the harbors and inland waters maintenance fund
  HD.833 An Act relative to stop fraudulent representation of business against performers
  HD.834 An Act requiring OSHA training
  HD.836 An Act defining person for retirement purposes
  HD.838 An Act relative to filing slander against anonymous parties on the internet
  HD.841 An Act permitting persons to bring car damage arising from a pothole against the public entity into small claims court
  HD.842 An Act increasing the annuity for gold star families
  HD.844 An Act relative to the retirement system
  HD.845 An Act relative to global positioning system technology and public employees
  HD.846 An Act relative to the definition of Group 4 of the retirement system
  HD.847 An Act relative to the definition of Group 4 of the retirement system
  HD.848 An Act relative to employee retirement
  HD.849 An Act relative to the definition of group two of the public employee retirement system
  HD.850 An Act designating certain employees of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to be in Group 2 of the contributory retirement system
  HD.851 An Act relative to collective bargaining rights
  HD.852 An Act relative to public hearings of the Group Insurance Commission
  HD.854 An Act providing that decisions of the Labor Relations Commission in representation cases shall be subject to judicial review
  HD.855 An Act relative to expenses incurred in defense against unfair labor practices
  HD.856 An Act relative to collective bargaining
  HD.857 An Act relative to Group Health Insurance Commission
  HD.858 An Act relative to the Labor Relations Commission
  HD.859 An Act relative to employees of the Pension Reserves Investment Management Board
  HD.860 An Act relative to binding arbitration
  HD.861 An Act providing for equitable rights to indemnity for public employees
  HD.862 An Act to provide to certain employees of the Commonwealth the right to participate collectively in the political process
  HD.864 An Act relative to attorneys at the Department of Children and Families
  HD.865 An Act relative to the Department of Youth Services
  HD.875 An Act relative to Chapter 32 of the Massachusetts General Laws
  HD.876 An Act relative to public employees performing core functions
  HD.954 An Act relative to the drinking of alcohol at drive-in venues
  HD.955 An Act relative to increased consumer protections during a state of emergency
  HD.956 An Act relative to tax exemptions for home office expenses
  HD.957 An Act to protect consumers from predatory electric supplier practices
  HD.958 An Act to provide an income tax exemption for families caring for their elderly relatives at home
  HD.968 An Act ensuring equitable representation in the Commonwealth
  HD.969 An Act relative to genetic counselors
  HD.970 An Act relative to applied behavior analysts
  HD.971 An Act relative to mandatory reporting of elder abuse
  HD.972 An Act relative to providing dental care to senior citizens
  HD.977 An Act relative to the licensure of appraisers
  HD.978 An Act investigating the economic impact of certain Massachusetts laws
  HD.979 An Act relative to the oversight of health professions
  HD.989 An Act further regulating the sale of tobacco products
  HD.990 An Act relative to travel insurance
  HD.1001 An Act relative to drug driving
  HD.1002 An Act regulating sex offender registration in the 21st century
  HD.1004 An Act to exempt certain personal protection equipment from sales tax
  HD.1010 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System
  HD.1011 An Act relative to DCR yacht club fees reflecting waterway access
  HD.1012 An Act clarifying the application of judicial retirement law
  HD.1013 An Act relative to debt collection licensure
  HD.1014 An Act to increase the penalty for school tardiness
  HD.1015 An Act increasing service quality penalty against electric and gas companies
  HD.1016 An Act relative to timely issuance of death certificates to funeral directors
  HD.1017 An Act further regulating thoroughbred breeding
  HD.1269 An Act establishing a child care tax credit
  HD.1270 An Act to establish licensing standards for drain cleaners
  HD.1279 An Act relative to worker’s compensation insurance
  HD.1424 An Act relative to making Election Day a state holiday
  HD.1425 An Act relative to posting information about the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline
  HD.1426 An Act relative to consumer rights of renters
  HD.1471 An Act relative to unclaimed life insurance benefits
  HD.1517 An Act relative to realtor fair housing education
  HD.1518 An Act relative to energy efficiency education
  HD.1665 An Act relative to the registration of veterinarians
  HD.1666 An Act relative to municipal building officials
  HD.1667 An Act relative to the direct wine shipper license
  HD.2488 An Act relative to CNA training
  HD.2489 An Act relative to the issuance of a class 1 dealer license
  HD.2490 An Act relative to insurance companies
  HD.2497 An Act extending simulcasting and live horse racing authorization
  HD.3718 An Act further regulating storage of alcoholic beverages
  HD.3719 An Act relative to large project based licenses
  HD.3720 An Act relative to fairness in energy billing
  HD.3721 An Act relative to the Commission on the Status of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
  HD.3722 An Act requiring a residency affidavit by a candidate
H.62  HD.1716 By Mr. Chan of Quincy, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 62) of Tackey Chan for legislation to establish a sick leave bank for Karen T. O'Neil, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Temporary Rules.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.