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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Vincent A. Pedone Served 1993 - 2012 Democrat - 15th Worcester

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.285  HD.1418 An Act to protect the rights of consumer to diagnose, service, and repair, or have repaired for them, motor vehicles in the Commonwealth.
H.286  HD.1424 An Act relative to dry cleaning establishment.
H.287  HD.3016 An Act relative to the protection of customers.
H.466  HD.3394 An Act Amending Chapter 15D.
H.644  HD.4319 An Act relative to the sales tax on certain recreational vehicles.
H.1011  HD.3051 An Act to recruit and retain certain physicians in the Commonwealth.
H.1012  HD.3060 An Act relative to fair and equitable managed care contracting standards.
H.1092  HD.3023 An Act to extend patient protections to recipients of MassHealth .
H.1093  HD.3049 An Act authorizing health care professionals to negotiate with health care insurers and providing for the powers and duties of the attorney general.
H.1649  HD.3931 An Act Regarding Massachusetts Foreclosure Mediation Program.
H.1997  HD.3393 An Act relative to dogs.
H.2557  HD.1476 An Act concerning civil service of county correction officers.
H.2558  HD.3009 An Act concerning officers of county correctional facilities.
H.2559  HD.3044 An Act relative to retirement allowance computation.
H.2560  HD.3055 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI.
H.3104  HD.3812 An Act to Establish the Utility Safety Fund .
H.3286  HD.3014 An Act relative to buses.
H.3287  HD.3019 An Act Requiring Driving Tests On Certain License Renewals.
H.3288  HD.3057 An Act Relating Passengers On Motorcycles.
H.3544  HD.1450 An Act To Improve The Law For The Pricing Of Grocery And Retail Items.
H.3545  HD.1454 An Act To Improve The Law For The Pricing Of Grocery And Retail.
H.3552  HD.1414 An Act Relative To Water Vehicles.
H.3553  HD.1436 An Act Relative To Motor Boat Registration.
H.3588  HD.1428 An Act relative to unpaid municipal fines.
H.3589  HD.1432 An Act To Provide For The Safe Care And Treatment Of Animals.
H.3597  HD.1445 An Act Providing For The Information Submitted By Hospital Medical Staff.
H.3869  HD.4056 An Act relative to bottled water.
H.4003  HD.4057 An Act relative to a foreclosure mediation program.
H.4180  HD.4468 An Act Pertaining To Photovoltaic Licenses.
H.4399  HD.90993 An Act relative to qualified financial contracts.
H.4473  HD.94473 An Act amending the charter of the town of Millis to establish an appointed board of assessors.
H.4803  HD.94803 An Act relative to time-share ownership.
H.4814  HD.94814 An Act relative to the pooling of tips
H.4830  HD.94830 An Act prohibiting fraud and misapplication of Department of Transitional Assistance funds
H.4831  HD.94831 An Act providing full evidentiary hearings for contributory retirement appeals.
H.4832  HD.94832 An Act creating an emergency stockpile trust fund.
H.4833  HD.94833 An Act continuing funding for the Trial Court Department.
H.4834  HD.94834 An Act to develop land in the town of Templeton.
H.4835  HD.94835 An Act directing the University of Massachusetts and Commonwealth community colleges to establish a tuition retention program and ensure adequate access for qualified Massachusetts students.
H.4836  HD.94836 An Act releasing a restriction on a parcel in the town of Norwood.
H.4837  HD.94837 An Act distributing additional funds for supplemental Medicaid rates.
H.4838  HD.94838 An Act to conduct a study of chemicals infiltrating aquifers and bedrock fissures along the Interstate 95 corridor.
H.4839  HD.94839 Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to management of the judiciary
H.4844  HD.94844 An Act authorizing the town of Cohasset to use a certain parcel of water supply land for general municipal purposes.
H.4845  HD.94845 An Act relative to the charter of the town of Franklin.
H.4922  HD.94922 An Act eliminating the word ‘retardation’ from the general laws.
H.4923  HD.94923 An Act relative to special license plates for certain military personnel.
H.4959  HD.94959 Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to certain legal protections for persons seeking emergency medical care for a drug overdose.
H.4998  HD.94998 An Act to further clarify the Nantucket Islands Land Bank Act regarding real property interests subject to the land bank act's transfer fee.
H.5005  HD.95005 An Act establishing a postemployment benefits trust fund in the town of Wayland.
H.5010  HD.95010 An Act relative to appointments to the town of Brookline Police Department.
H.5118  HD.95118 An Act changing the date of the annual town meeting in the town of North Reading.
H.5121  HD.95121 An Act relative to cutting down, trimming or removing bushes and small trees.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.