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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Viriato Manuel deMacedo Served 1999 - 2014 Republican - 1st Plymouth

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.235  HD.341 An Act relating to commercial law deceptive trade practices.
H.375  HD.1737 An Act Relative to Financial Literacy Curriculum.
H.376  HD.1781 An Act Relative to Protecting the Religious Freedom of Students.
H.569  HD.348 An Act establishing voter identification procedures.
H.625  HD.4312 An Act relative to mandatory sentences for those committing an assault on a law enforcement officer.
H.886  HD.347 An Act realtive to rental vehicle and replacement vehicle transactions and services.
H.1335  HD.340 An Act Relative to the Third District Court of Plymouth.
H.1336  HD.344 An Act relative to Controlled Substances.
H.1337  HD.1775 An Act Relative to Protecting Children from Harm in Schools.
H.2037  HD.1739 An Act Relative to Controlled Substances.
H.2038  HD.1758 An Act Relative to Oxycontin and other Schedule II Controlled Substances.
H.2207  HD.346 An Act relative to life saving devices on boats.
H.2347  HD.342 An Act relative to the retirement rights of forest and park supervisors.
H.2348  HD.1766 An Act Relative to the Reclassification of Public Works Employees at Plymouth Airport.
H.2349  HD.3184 An Act Relative to Health Insurance for Surviving Spouses.
H.2350  HD.3207 An Act Further Regulating Group Insurance Commission Benefits for State Employees and Retired State Employees.
H.2351  HD.3247 An Act Regulating Appeals under the Group Insurance Commission.
H.2352  HD.3279 An Act Relative to the Conversion of Certain Disability Retirements.
H.2720  HD.345 An Act authorizing tax free contributions to a trust for the care of incapacitated persons.
H.3194  HD.343 An Act relative to the use of headlights.
H.3195  HD.1723 An Act Relative to Active Duty Junior Operators.
H.3616  HD.1744 An Act Relative to Plimouth Plantation.
H.4264  HD.4443 An Act Relative to Land in the Town of Plymouth.
H.4332  HD.4635 An Act Relative to the Plymouth Nuclear Power Plant. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.