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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative William G. Greene Served 1993 - 2010 - 22nd Middlesex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.255  HD.237 An Act amending the requirements for barber instructors.
H.256  HD.251 An Act relative to the price of water sold at entertainment venues.
H.405  HD.231 An Act relative to educator licensure in the commonwealth
H.745  HD.250 An Act relative to property damage caused by beaver.
H.746  HD.252 An Act relative to the posting of fish advisories.
H.747  HD.253 An Act relative to the control of coyotes.
H.921  HD.260 An Act relative to providing certain benefits for cancer patients.
H.1208  HD.228 An Act to Promote Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing
H.1210  HD.236 An Act Establishing Commonwealth Affordability Standards
H.1211  HD.248 An Act relative to protecting low and moderate income housing.
H.1212  HD.258 An Act relative to safeguarding the intent of the low and moderate income housing law.
H.1213  HD.259 An Act relative to low and moderate income housing.
H.1214  HD.261
H.1412  HD.249 An Act relative to HIV and AIDS testing.
H.1413  HD.254 An Act further regulating the disclosure and use of social security numbers.
H.1918  HD.4471 An Act Establishing A Special Account for the Town of Billerica Water Conservation Fund.
H.2061  HD.255 An Act relative to speech language pathologists.
H.2451  HD.229 An Act relative to civil service
H.2762  HD.226 An Act relative to exempting those municipalities which do not accept the Community Preservation Act from paying surcharges to the registry of deeds.
H.2763  HD.247 An Act amending the property tax notice rules.
H.2764  HD.256 An Act amending the sales and use tax exemption for clothing.
H.2765  HD.257 An Act relative to the sale or conversion of agricultural land for residential or commercial use.
H.3080  HD.246 An Act Banning the Construction of Carbon-based Power Plants.
H.3229  HD.224 An Act relative to the liability of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.
H.3231  HD.227 An Act relative to convictions of motor vehicle violations and license suspensions and revocations in other states or countries.
H.3232  HD.232 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Billerica the John F. Leary bridge
H.3570  HD.235 An Act Relative to Comprehensive Zoning Permits in Cities and Towns.
H.3637  HD.233 An Act relative to notification by the registry of motor vehicles
H.4391  HD.4728 An Act exempting certain clerical positions in the town of Billerica from the civil service law
H.406  HD.3797 An Act Regarding Parental Notification and Consent. This bill is by request. *
H.1209  HD.234 An Act relative to condominium fees This bill is by request. *
H.2452  HD.330 An Act Relative to the Payment of Pensioners for Services After Retirement. This bill is by request. *
H.3230  HD.225 An Act relative to school zones on state highways. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.