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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator William N. Brownsberger Served 2007 - 2012 Democrat

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.357  HD.363 An Act encouraging the expansion of independent online learning in secondary schools
H.701  HD.724 An Act providing for park expansion and urban wildlife preservation in Belmont and Cambridge.
H.702  HD.1993 An Act relative to the sustainable development of water infrastructure.
H.872  HD.357 An Act relative to check overdrafts
H.873  HD.359 An Act to stress user-controllable factors in automobile insurance premiums.
H.874  HD.360 An Act relative to the funding, staffing, and market conduct examinations of the Division of Insurance .
H.876  HD.411 An Act to discourage uninsured motorists by limiting their bodily injury liability compensation .
H.877  HD.478 An Act to establish consumer choice in automobile insurance .
H.1192  HD.1983 An Act to promote local and regional affordable housing planning.
H.1296  HD.389 An Act recognizing dangerousness of retail drug offenses
H.1297  HD.390 An Act to moderate sentences for drug offenses and reduce excessive costs of incarceration
H.1298  HD.744 An Act relative to private bar counsel.
H.1794  HD.385 An Act to prohibit restrictive employment covenants
H.1925  HD.356 An Act relative to the youth alcohol education program to reduce underage drinking and promote healthy choices
H.2024  HD.353 An Act to protect patients from breakthrough seizures.
H.2201  HD.358 An Act allowing police to complete incident responses
H.2326  HD.355 An Act relative to certain Option B and Option C retirees
H.2327  HD.387 An Act to limit public pensions to three times the social security payment that a private worker would receive with the same contribution history
H.2328  HD.388 An Act to limit public pensions to a level related to lifetime earnings
H.2700  HD.391 An Act providing revenue-neutral income tax relief for low and middle income persons
H.2701  HD.1956 An Act to establish a wellness trust.
H.2965  HD.354 An Act establishing "Fever Pitch" as the official movie of the Commonwealth
H.2966  HD.386 An Act expanding the definition of public records to include subordinate entities of public entities
H.3177  HD.1986 An Act relative to the sustainable development of transportationn infrastructure.
H.3449  HD.361 An Act to preserve the financial assistance feature in automobile insurance rating.
H.3615  HD.1998 An Act incorprating the Commonwealth's sustainable development principles into the policies of executive and quasi-public agencies.
H.3623  HD.2105 An Act relative to the withholding of rent.
H.4223  HD.4549 An Act amending Chapter 97 of the Acts of 2007 relative to the Town of Belmont Other Post Employment Benefits Trust Fund.
H.4414  HD.4767 An Act authorizing the Town of Belmont to recall Elected Officials.
H.4416  HD.4766 An Act concerning the position of police chief in the Town of Belmont.
H.4894  HD.5126 An Act relative to the granting of licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages in certain restaurants in the Town of Belmont.
H.4901  HD.5125 An Act relative to quarterly tax billing in the Town of Belmont.
H.875  HD.362 An Act to temporarily suspend automobile insurance rating changes . This bill is by request. *
H.2025  HD.2154 An Act relative to the use of HEPA vacuums. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.