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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Anne M. Gobi Democrat - Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Middlesex

Photo of  Anne M. Gobi

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 513
Boston, MA, 02133
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SD.341 An Act relative to school funding
SD.342 An Act relative to vocational education transportation for nonresident students
SD.343 An Act relative to geography education
SD.345 An Act to enhance the management of problem wildlife
SD.346 An Act relative to the use of crossbows in hunting
SD.347 An Act relative to the use of artificial lights in hunting
SD.348 An Act relative to the moose population in the Commonwealth
SD.350 An Act relative to the Gardner District Court
SD.357 An Act relative to full application of telemedicine coverage
SD.360 An Act relative to criminal justice training regarding autistic persons
SD.361 An Act relative to certain endowment funds in private institutions of higher learning
SD.363 An Act establishing a municipal gas tax reimbursement
SD.366 An Act relative to local impacts of enacted legislation
SD.370 An Act regarding Huntington's Disease Awareness Month
SD.371 An Act relative to year of manufacture registration plates
SD.372 An Act expanding testing for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol
SD.373 An Act defining special regulations for vehicle specific checkpoints
SD.375 An Act to promote and advance motorcycle safety
SD.377 An Act relative to the provision of group health insurance benefits in the town of Athol
SD.379 An Act relative to standards for protective headgear for operators or passengers on motorcycles
SD.381 An Act regulating the closure of state police barracks
SD.383 An Act providing for distinctive registration plates for certain veterans who participated in the testing of atomic weapons
SD.387 An Act authorizing the town of Hubbardston to convey a certain parcel of land
SD.388 An Act relative to the use of shotguns
SD.390 An Act relative to dog training areas in the Commonwealth
SD.400 An Act relative to regional bonus aid
SD.402 An Act expanding the powers of the director of Fisheries and Wildlife
SD.404 An Act validating actions taken by the town of Templeton at the special town meeting held on November 9, 2015
SD.407 An Act relative to the Charles River water quality commission
SD.412 An Act providing for the protection of emergency responders from dismissal
SD.414 An Act relative to regional stabilization funds
SD.428 An Act relative to hunting near a dwelling
SD.429 An Act concerning the use of certain insurance underwriting guidelines pertaining to dogs harbored upon the insured property
SD.430 An Act relative to renewable energy portfolio standards
SD.431 An Act eliminating form 901 reporting requirement
SD.432 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Christopher Eldredge, an employee of the Department of Correction
SD.433 An Act relative to municipal veterans' benefits expenditures
SD.435 An Act relative to natural gas pipeline surveys
SD.436 An Act relative to the remediation of home heating oil releases
SD.437 An Act to increase courthouse energy efficiency
SD.460 An Act further regulating the issuance of firearms identification cards
SD.478 An Act authorizing the town of Charlton to establish an additional excise on sales of gasoline and diesel fuel
SD.479 An Act relative to the operating of student pupil transportation
SD.480 An Act requiring medical exams for certain school bus drivers
SD.481 An Act relative to bus driver testing and requirements
SD.545 An Act regulating central service technicians
SD.567 An Act relative to out-of-hospital birth access and safety
SD.568 An Act relative to public space recycling
SD.569 An Act authorizing the town of Warren to continue the employment of Dennis Desrosiers
SD.584 An Act relative to outdoor heritage
SD.623 An Act relative to advertising by a justice of the peace
SD.817 An Act establishing a snowmobile educational safety program
SD.819 An Act establishing a special commission to study vocational education transportation
SD.820 An Act relative to the powers and duties of a regional school district
SD.825 An Act relative to a feasibility study for a horse park in the Commonwealth
SD.826 An Act providing volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians with a local option real estate tax exemption
SD.889 An Act relative to the expansion of the Good Samaritan law
HD.1048 An Act relative to Gardner District Court
SD.1098 An Act relative to school bus driver licensing
SD.1334 An Act relative to monthly minimum reliability contributions
SD.1427 An Act relative to justices of the peace
SD.1733 An Act relative to solid waste practices
SD.1790 An Act relative to landfills and Areas of Critical Environmental Concern
SD.1793 An Act further regulating siting of solid waste facilities
SD.1795 An Act further regulating special permits
SD.1796 An Act promoting agriculture in the Commonwealth
SD.1801 An Act relative to solid waste disposal facilities
SD.1846 An Act relative to agricultural disaster relief
SD.1855 An Act establishing a commission to study judicial accountability in the commonwealth
SD.1889 An Act relative to the sale of firearms
HD.3295 An Act relative to the expansion of the Good Samaritan law
HD.3309 An Act regulating the closure of state police barracks
SD.1312 An Act relative to disabled veteran registration plates This bill is by request. *
SD.1315 An Act relative to chapter 351 of the acts of 2016 This bill is by request. *
SD.1327 An Act relative to voter information privacy This bill is by request. *
SD.1849 An Act establishing open ballot primaries in the commonwealth This bill is by request. *
SD.1924 An Act establishing an autism spectrum disorder designation on driver’s licenses and identification cards and criminal justice training relative to autism spectrum disorders This bill is by request. *
* — indicates bill is by request.