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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Colleen M. Garry Democrat - 36th Middlesex

Photo of  Colleen M. Garry

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 238
Boston, MA, 02133
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HD.113 An Act allowing retail stores and shops to open on Thanksgiving Day
HD.114 An Act relative to the sale of alcoholic beverages
HD.115 An Act restricting the sale of certain items at flea markets
HD.116 An Act to ban robocalls
HD.117 An Act to strengthen enforcement of Chapter 141 and 147 licenses
HD.118 An Act regarding surveys in public schools
HD.121 An Act relative to transportation of regional vocational schools
HD.122 An Act to promote fairness between traditional public schools and regional vocational schools
HD.123 An Act to regulate school enrollment
HD.124 An Act ensuring election integrity through voter identification
HD.125 An Act regulating conduct at polling places
HD.186 An Act relative to truth in advertising in campaigns
HD.189 An Act providing notice to the public of hazardous waste sites
HD.191 An Act to assure uniformity in the regulation of sanitary sewage treatment and disposal
HD.195 An Act ensuring pharmacy access
HD.196 An Act relative to insurance co-pays
HD.197 An Act relative to MassHealth coverage
HD.201 An Act relative to low and moderate income housing
HD.202 An Act clarifying the removal statute
HD.217 An Act relative to child custody when parent is on active military duty
HD.229 An Act relative to establishing paternity
HD.239 An Act relative to the theft of bulk merchandise containers
HD.245 An Act increasing parental involvement with childcare
HD.248 An Act prohibiting court ordered visitation rights to persons convicted of criminal offenses against a minor
HD.249 An Act providing for the enforcement of child abuse reporting requirements
HD.259 An Act relative to protective orders
HD.265 An Act relative to the concealment of the death of children and the penalties for the sale or purchase of minor children
HD.266 An Act to further protect children
HD.267 An Act authorizing criteria for the release of terminally ill inmates to alternative locations of confinement
HD.270 An Act relative to juror qualification
HD.273 An Act relative to attempted murder by preventing highway access to emergency vehicles
HD.274 An Act relative to manslaughter by protest
HD.276 An Act relative to intentionally blocking or preventing access to a public roadway or highway while protesting with the express purpose of preventing passage of others
HD.277 An Act relative to child labor law
HD.278 An Act relative to clarifying the reporting of record keeping requirements
HD.279 An Act relative to the definition of 'part-time'
HD.281 An Act protecting victims of sexual assault
HD.365 An Act relative to brownsfields assessment and remediation funds
HD.368 An Act relative to call location information
HD.378 An Act relative to protecting drinking vessels (lid covers)
HD.389 An Act relative to changing tables in restaurants
HD.390 An Act including Krabbe Disease in newborn screening
HD.394 An Act relative to making provisional official service employees in the Commonwealth permanent employees
HD.395 An Act providing for binding arbitration for fire fighters and police officers
HD.398 An Act relative to amending disability or death caused by certain conditions of cancer
HD.674 An Act relative to retirement plans
HD.677 An Act relative to certain real estate tax exemptions
HD.680 An Act to provide an income tax exemption for certain individuals caring for elderly relatives
HD.682 An Act to grant state income tax exemption for school fees
HD.684 By Miss Garry of Dracut, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. [BILL NUMBER]) of Colleen M. Garry relative to income tax exemptions for certain survivors of acts of terrorism. Revenue.
HD.695 An Act relative to the automobile excise tax
HD.697 An Act relative to assisted living programs
HD.699 An Act improving recycling in the Commonwealth
HD.700 An Act to prevent jaywalking
HD.703 An Act to ensure pedestrian safety on traffic islands
HD.705 An Act related to the enhancement of public safety to children in the vicinity of an attractive nuisance, a motor vehicle with the purpose of selling frozen desserts
HD.710 An Act relative to veterans benefits
HD.720 An Act relative to air quality monitoring for new gas pipeline facilities
HD.1866 An Act relative to sales on Sundays
HD.1878 An Act relative to long term disability insurance
HD.1904 An Act relative to shared parenting
HD.2143 An Act relative to a court approved parent education program
HD.2146 An Act relative to annoying telephone calls
HD.2155 An Act relative to privacy and safety in public accommodations
HD.2909 An Act relative to defensive electric devices
HD.2932 An Act relative to equalizing public school transportation fees
HD.2948 An Act providing for a study by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services relative to nonprofit group homes
HD.2959 An Act establishing a special commission on payment in lieu of taxes to municipalities in which group homes are located
HD.2986 An Act relative to coerced abortion
HD.3091 An Act relative to registering a motor vehicle
HD.3094 An Act prohibiting protesting on high speed roadways
HD.3124 An Act relative to the safety of autistic and Alzheimer individuals
HD.3154 An Act establishing drug test consent to be known as 'Christina's Law'
HD.3160 An Act relative to sonographers and vascular technologists
HD.3164 An Act requiring blood testing for surviving drivers
HD.3168 An Act regulating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles
HD.3171 An Act relative to access to care for Ehler Danlos syndrome patients
HD.3174 An Act relative to the sale and use of fireworks
HD.3365 An Act authorizing the town of Dracut to issue an additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverage not to be drunk on the premises
HD.3398 An Act authorizing the town of Dracut to grant four additional licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises
HD.3421 An Act regarding the employees of the Department of Correction
HD.3425 An Act relative to air quality monitoring for new gas pipeline facilities in the Commonwealth
HD.3470 An Act relative to limiting sick leave/vacation buy back for public employees
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