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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Carlos González Democrat - 10th Hampden

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  HD.1570 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution to require reappointment of judges every 5 years
  HD.1635 An Act establishing a commission to study judicial accountability in the Commonwealth
  HD.2128 An Act relative to civil asset forfeiture
  HD.2778 An Act relative to minority participation goals in exclusive contracts
  HD.2851 An Act relative to requiring the sealing of containers transporting solid waste
  HD.2853 An Act relative to sheriff’s citations
  HD.2935 An Act relative to tracking, tracing and stopping illegal firearms
  HD.2936 An Act establishing fairness for agricultural laborers
  HD.2938 An Act relative to pet grooming
  HD.2941 An Act to reduce recidivism through evidence-based programs
  HD.2944 An Act relative to nonprofit receivership authorization
  HD.2945 An Act relative to penalties for crimes against seniors
  HD.2946 An Act ensuring uniformity in education discrimination complaint procedures
  HD.2949 An Act to provide homeowners with fair insurance premiums
  HD.2956 An Act relative to homeowners’ insurance complaint education
  HD.2960 An Act relative to establishing the gateway city public school driver education program
  HD.2962 An Act relative to provide tenant ownership in government assisted housing
  HD.2967 An Act to eliminate the use of the mcas for high school graduation
  HD.2970 An Act relative to abuse prevention
  HD.3006 An Act relative to community reinvestment goals for banks
  HD.3013 An Act relative to efficient access to the affordable connectivity program
  HD.3019 An Act relative to state grants targeting minority communities
  HD.3021 An Act relative to creating the massachusetts against discrimination fund
  HD.3022 An Act An act relative to college athlete compensation
  HD.3024 An Act authorizing cities and towns to establish reduced maximum tow rates during certain declared emergencies
  HD.3258 An Act modernizing protections for consumers in automobile transactions
  HD.3616 An Act relative to language access and inclusion
  HD.3719 An Act relative to smart gun technology tax incentive program
  HD.3786 An Act to end housing discrimination in the Commonwealth
  HD.3815 An Act relative to the development of the Massachusetts Office of Micro and Minority-Owned Businesses
  HD.3822 An Act to establish the Massachusetts incarcerated individual bone marrow and organ donation program
  HD.3916 An Act to establish the micro business employee training and workforce development program
  HD.3923 An Act relative to the leasing of accessory dwelling units
  HD.3927 An Act relative to the permitting and construction of accessory dwelling units
  HD.4002 An Act relative to independent employees' right to collective bargaining
  HD.4010 An Act relative to increasing racial diversity among judges in Massachusetts
  HD.4096 An Act establishing a foreclosure review division
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.