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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Daniel J. Hunt Democrat - 13th Suffolk

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
HD.3069 An Act creating a maximum allowable check-cashing rate
HD.3594 An Act relative to the sex offender registry
HD.3600 An Act relative to snow removal fines
HD.3602 An Act defining regular interest for retirement systems
HD.3606 An Act designating a bench in memory of Ambrose Valentino
HD.3608 An Act designating a certain area in the Dorchester section of the city of Boston in memory of Carl E. Hosea, Jr
HD.3609 An Act exempting veterans’ organizations from state and local meals tax
HD.3611 An Act pertaining to public fire safety and professionalism
HD.3614 An Act providing creditable service for certain teachers
HD.3615 An Act providing full student representation on the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees
HD.3617 An Act relative to aggressive panhandling on or adjacent to public ways
HD.3619 An Act relative to alternative dispute resolution for state police officers
HD.3621 An Act relative to billboard advertising in the Commonwealth
HD.3625 An Act relative to check cashing schedules
HD.3633 An Act relative to electric current weapons
HD.3634 An Act relative to health insurance consumer protections
HD.3636 An Act relative to high school civics requirement
HD.3637 An Act relative to increased access of small business to participation in energy savings services and programs
HD.3638 An Act relative to industrial development finance authorities
HD.3641 An Act relative to licensed professionals and the vision for children’s education
HD.3643 An Act relative to municipal parking
HD.3644 An Act relative to open spaces and tax incentives
HD.3646 An Act relative to Saint Pope John Paul Park
HD.3647 An Act relative to the Massachusetts life science center
HD.3648 An Act relative to the notification of large job layoffs
HD.3649 An Act relative to the protection of open spaces
HD.3651 An Act relative to the protection of pedestrians and cyclists
HD.3652 An Act relative to the protection of the families of violent crime from intimidation
HD.3653 An Act relative to the state property zoning exemption
HD.3654 An Act to protect children from the use of alcohol and marijuana
HD.3662 An Act extending protections to employees of the Commonwealth
HD.3665 An Act regarding school pupil transportation services
HD.3679 An Act to increase residency preference for appointment at Boston Police Department and Boston Fire Department to three years
* — indicates bill is by request.