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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative David M. Rogers Democrat - 24th Middlesex

Photo of  David M. Rogers

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 36
Boston, MA, 02133
Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  HD.349 An Act to reduce packaging waste
  HD.1173 An Act establishing the Representative Chris Walsh disaster and emergency aid fund for Massachusetts artists
  HD.1181 An Act to repeal no fault motor vehicle insurance
  HD.1182 An Act modify the safe drivers insurance plan relative to minor violation
  HD.1184 An Act to define inducing a minor into prostitution
  HD.1405 An Act to establish the family caregiving tax credit
  HD.1515 An Act restricting distribution of single-use plastic straws
  HD.1618 An Act establishing a right to counsel in certain eviction cases
  HD.1653 An Act to reduce traffic fatalities
  HD.1668 An Act relative to the cannabis control commission's authority regarding host community agreements
  HD.1670 An Act relative to employment discrimination protections for legal cannabis
  HD.1671 An Act relative to employment protections for medical cannabis patients and caregivers
  HD.1780 An Act relative to clarity and consistency for the Justice Reinvestment Oversight Board
  HD.2206 An Act relative to multi-state offshore wind procurement
  HD.2273 An Act relative to cosmetic labeling
  HD.2326 An Act to incentivize the reduction of residential waste disposal
  HD.2328 An Act to improve plastic bottles and their recycling
  HD.2330 An Act to prohibit the use of polystyrene foam food containers
  HD.2346 An Act relative to accurate impairment testing
  HD.2359 An Act to ensure minimum wage and paid family and medical leave benefits for municipal employees
  HD.2615 An Act to ensure equitable health coverage for children
  HD.2677 An Act relative to media literacy in public schools
  HD.2726 An Act relative to unregulated face recognition and emerging biometric surveillance technologies
  HD.2762 An Act relative to the stabilization of rents in towns and cities facing distress in the housing market
  HD.2778 An Act increasing the property tax deferral for seniors
  HD.2798 An Act enabling cities and towns to extend voting rights in municipal elections to certain noncitizens of the Commonwealth
  HD.2801 An Act to protect consumers in the issuance of automobile insurance policies and bonds
  HD.2868 An Act establishing reasonable limitations on the solitary confinement of inmates 21 years of age or younger
  HD.2875 An Act relative to the qualification of voters
  HD.2877 An Act relative to crosswalk markings
  HD.2878 An Act promoting radon testing
  HD.2879 An Act relative to improving asthma in schools
  HD.2884 An Act to establish a division of indoor environments within the Department of Public Health
  HD.2886 An Act requiring audiovisual recordings of certain police interrogations
  HD.2893 An Act relative to providing for net neutrality and consumer protection
  HD.3050 An Act to create more equitable and progressive sources of revenue
  HD.3329 An Act transitioning Massachusetts to electric buses
  HD.3344 An Act relative to 529 savings plans
  HD.3352 An Act relating to the remedy for the sale of sick puppies and kittens
  HD.3459 An Act to protect Native American heritage
  HD.3620 An Act establishing presumptive parole
  HD.3624 An Act relative to life without parole
  HD.3640 An Act to promote fairness and transparency in clean energy procurements
  HD.3652 An Act leveraging additional resources for local housing authorities
  HD.3784 An Act setting a housing production goal for the Commonwealth
  HD.3800 An Act relative to medical marijuana patient safety and access
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.