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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Elizabeth A. Poirier Republican - 14th Bristol

Photo of  Elizabeth A. Poirier
Second Assistant Minority Leader

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 124
Boston, MA, 02133
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  HD.329 An Act relative to advancing the profession of commercial interior design
  HD.463 An Act relative to the sale of children’s jewelry
  HD.464 An Act relative to the protection of persons with disabilities
  HD.465 An Act relative to coerced abortion
  HD.468 An Act prohibiting intentional misrepresentation by a business of its location
  HD.469 An Act relative to a woman's right to know
  HD.471 An Act providing visitation rights for great-grandparents
  HD.472 An Act relative to licensure requirements for Jefte Rivera
  HD.474 An Act relative to valid identification at voting polls
  HD.475 An Act relative to youth concussions
  HD.476 An Act relative to elevator inspection fee waiver for non-profits
  HD.477 An Act providing for prisoners of war
  HD.479 An Act to reduce taxes generated by charitable raffles and bazaars
  HD.480 An Act prohibiting cell phone use in school zones
  HD.483 An Act relative to lights for ambulances, fire apparatus and law enforcement vehicles
  HD.484 An Act relative to the observation of Veterans Day
  HD.485 An Act authorizing sheriffs to impose fees
  HD.487 An Act relative to the refund of sales tax upon return of merchandise
  HD.488 An Act to advance the safety of women seeking to terminate a pregnancy
  HD.489 An Act relative to unborn victims of violence
  HD.491 An Act relative to unborn children
  HD.492 An Act relative to sex selection in pregnancy
  HD.493 An Act banning partial birth abortions
  HD.494 An Act relative to instruction in pregnancy and prenatal care
  HD.495 An Act relative to the use of a magnetic identification card reader machine when purchasing alcohol
  HD.496 An Act providing security to consumers for purchases from certain vendors
  HD.497 An Act promoting sterilization during surgery
  HD.499 An Act relative to EMT certification of veterans and military medics
  HD.500 An Act preserving dates of birth from city and town records
  HD.501 An Act relative to the sunshine policy disclosure
  HD.502 An Act relative to the licensure and regulation of au pair and nanny agencies by the Department of Early Education and Care
  HD.503 An Act relative to reprogrammed human skin cells for embryonic stem cell research
  HD.504 Resolve to protect and preserve family camping in Massachusetts
  HD.505 An Act relative to mosquito control
  HD.506 An Act regulating rental car companies
  HD.507 An Act improving the tax administrative laws of the Commonwealth
  HD.508 An Act relative to equalizing the Department of Revenue interest rates
  HD.509 An Act relative to the corporate excise tax
  HD.510 An Act relative to municipal option abatement for contaminated real property
  HD.511 An Act relative to exempting farmers’ markets from certain property taxes
  HD.514 An Act providing for a certain real property tax exemption
  HD.515 An Act relative to the retirement benefits of certain persons
  HD.516 An Act to clarify the net-worth measure of the corporate excise
  HD.517 An Act relative to interest on abatements
  HD.518 An Act relative to excise tax exemptions
  HD.519 An Act relative to access to certain birth records
  HD.520 An Act relative to the Massachusetts homestead law
  HD.521 An Act relative to regulating the percentage retained for marketing expenses by a non-profit telemarketer agent
  HD.522 An Act relative to jury disqualifications
  HD.523 An Act relative to financial records of defendants in small claims court
  HD.524 An Act relative to establishing multi-disciplinary teams with district attorneys to investigate elder abuse
  HD.525 An Act relative to ensuring the safety of residents of facilities under the authority of the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Developmental Services
  HD.526 An Act providing for enhanced protection of children and investigation of abuse and neglect allegations
  HD.527 An Act relative to the interstate corrections compact
  HD.986 An Act regarding pay parity for Correction Officers of the fourteen county Sheriffs' Offices
  HD.1020 An Act relative to courtesy retail parking spaces designed for non-handicapped veterans
  HD.1252 An Act to eliminate contingency fee auditors
  HD.1254 An Act allowing for the deduction of business interest
  HD.1268 An Act stabilizing nonprofit independent DSH community hospitals via competitive commercial insurance rates for their affiliated physicians
  HD.1280 An Act relative to single sales factor
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.