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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Eileen M. Donoghue Democrat - First Middlesex

Photo of  Eileen M. Donoghue
Senate Steering and Policy Chair

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 112
Boston, MA, 02133
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SD.266 An Act providing immunity for individuals under age 21 seeking medical assistance for an alcohol-related overdose
SD.1024 An Act codifying the electric vehicle consumer rebate program
SD.1027 An Act relative to the governance of the Health Policy Commission
SD.1028 An Act establishing a student tuition recovery fund
SD.1034 An Act containing fee increases at the University of Massachusetts and state universities
SD.1037 An Act criminalizing sexual assault by fraud by a medical professional
SD.1039 An Act relative to the crime of incest
SD.1040 An Act criminalizing the trafficking of carfentanil
SD.1041 An Act decreasing food waste by standardizing the date labeling of food
SD.1042 An Act encouraging employer student loan repayment
SD.1043 An Act encouraging the donation of food to persons in need
SD.1044 An Act raising employment and combating opioids through vocational education and rehabilitation (RECOVER)
SD.1045 An Act expediting the transition to a renewable energy portfolio
SD.1046 An Act establishing the healthy incentives program
SD.1047 An Act establishing the MassMade Program
SD.1048 An Act expanding the community college training incentive program
SD.1049 An Act increasing the penalties for the illegal possession of firearms
SD.1050 An Act prohibiting gunfire directed at dwelling houses
SD.1051 An Act promoting emerging financial technologies
SD.1052 An Act protecting employees who receive wages by payroll debit cards
SD.1053 An Act protecting students and increasing accountability at Massachusetts colleges and universities
SD.1054 Resolve providing for an investigation and study of enhancing statewide recycling programs
SD.1055 An Act re-establishing the Clean Environment Fund
SD.1056 An Act reforming the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship
SD.1057 An Act relative to benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepine hypnotics
SD.1058 An Act relative to financial literacy education
SD.1059 An Act relative to handicapped parking
SD.1060 An Act relative to health insurer reserve requirements
SD.1061 An Act relative to the governance of regional transit authorities
SD.1062 An Act relative to the honoring and cashing of checks
SD.1063 An Act relative to the University of Massachusetts’ ability to insure buildings
SD.1064 An Act relative to uniform financial aid information
SD.1065 An Act requiring the disclosure of terms for solar panel installations
SD.1067 An Act allowing the clawback of Massachusetts historic rehabilitation tax credits
SD.1068 An Act promoting civics education
SD.1074 An Act relative to regulating trade secrets and noncompetition agreements
SD.1090 An Act providing a safe harbor for self-employed individuals
SD.1091 An Act further defining fraud in public construction contracts
SD.1092 An Act creating transparency in emerging price discrimination technologies
SD.1093 An Act relative to the cybersecurity of the Internet of Things and other smart devices
SD.1106 An Act relative to the electronic deposit of tax refunds
SD.1194 An Act reducing the financial burden of surprise medical bills for patients
SD.1576 An Act amending the charter of the City of Lowell
SD.1794 An Act establishing Community Benefit Districts
HD.1922 An Act investing in public higher education
SD.2044 An Act authorizing the issuance of temporary licenses for the sale and auction of wines and malt beverages by nonprofit charitable corporations
HD.3349 An Act relative to autopsy reports by the medical examiner
* — indicates bill is by request.