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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Michael J. Rodrigues Democrat - First Bristol and Plymouth

Photo of  Michael J. Rodrigues
Senate Majority Whip

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 213B
Boston, MA, 02133

District Office

One Government Center
Fall River, MA 02722
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SD.9 An Act relative to check cashing fees
SD.10 An Act relative to mobile spas
SD.11 An Act relative to the Massachusetts insurers insolvency fund
SD.12 An Act relative to the security of personal financial information
SD.13 An Act to eliminate contingency fee auditors
SD.14 An Act relative to the recognition and registration of professional employer organizations operating in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
SD.15 An Act relative to credit and debit cards
SD.16 An Act relative to increasing the hours of employment of pensioners for services after retirement in the public sector
SD.17 An Act relative to the pooling of tips
SD.18 An Act providing interest rate parity
SD.19 An Act modernizing the corporate excise tax
SD.20 An Act relative to public funds
SD.21 An Act enhancing the creative economy through the tax code
SD.22 An Act improving housing opportunities and the Massachusetts economy
SD.23 An Act to enhance employment opportunities
SD.24 An Act to expedite the transfer of cases to the permit session of land court
SD.28 An Act relative to notice requirements for insurance premium changes and insurance coverage changes
SD.29 An Act relative to the supplemental application requirement for dwelling fire insurance policies
SD.56 An Act to reduce energy burdens and increase competitiveness in the Commonwealth
SD.88 An Act relative to commonwealth automobile reinsurers
SD.89 An Act relative to the compulsory automobile insurance limits
SD.144 An Act improving local decision making
SD.212 to limit retroactive denials of health insurance claims for mental health and substance abuse services
SD.213 An Act to ensure access to generic medications
SD.214 An Act relative to interstate branching of a credit union and the Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation
SD.215 An Act relative to the investment authority of the Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation
SD.218 An Act to increase the transparency of the Massachusetts Historical Commission
HD.256 An Act authorizing the town of Westport to convey a non-exclusive access easement in a portion of town property at 493 Old County Road to benefit 497 Old County Road
SD.257 An Act relative to standing to file certain appeals in the superior or land court
SD.258 An Act relative to application deadlines for agricultural, horticultural, or recreational land
SD.259 An Act providing for sales tax fairness for main street retailers through minimum simplification
SD.265 An Act relative to horse riding instructor’s licenses
SD.296 An Act enhancing Department of Revenue reporting
HD.337 An Act relative to Title 5 income tax credit reform
SD.603 An Act to extend the Brownfields tax credit
SD.606 An Act expanding the Brownfields tax credit to encourage affordable housing
HD.663 An Act to increase the transparency of the Massachusetts Historical Commission
SD.731 An Act relative to the taxation of rolling stock
SD.732 An Act relative to energy efficiency improvements
SD.748 An Act to improve health care cost accountability
SD.749 An Act relative to single risk limitations
SD.1097 An Act relative to clarifying property tax exemptions for solar and wind systems
SD.1115 An Act relative to health care non-discrimination
SD.1116 An Act combatting illegal tobacco and preventing further loss of revenue to the commonwealth
SD.1117 An Act relative to solar and wind property tax exemptions
SD.1118 An Act updating and modernizing the room occupancy excise
SD.1546 An Act clarifying the local taxation of clean energy producing property
SD.1968 An Act modernizing the Credit Union Laws
SD.1971 An Act enabling innovation in the automotive industry to create the highly efficient vehicles of tomorrow
SD.2029 An Act relative to college tuition and fees
HD.3751 An Act establishing the Department of Inspectional Services and Permitting in the town of Lakeville
S.6 SD.1 Senate, January 4, 2017 -- Offered by Senator Michael J. Rodrigues relative to forming a special committee of the Senate to conduct regional public forums.
* — indicates bill is by request.