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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Michael O. Moore Democrat - Second Worcester

Photo of  Michael O. Moore

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 109-B
Boston, MA, 02133

District Office

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  SD.13 An Act relative to pedestrian safety
  SD.14 An Act relative to the taxation of small business in the Commonwealth
  SD.15 An Act relative to sheriffs
  SD.16 An Act relative to special insurance brokers
  SD.17 An Act relative to early education funding
  SD.18 An Act establishing a college tuition tax deduction
  SD.19 An Act protecting public higher education student information
  SD.21 An Act relative to early college high schools
  SD.22 An Act relative to transparency in higher education
  SD.23 An Act establishing EMAC exemption for human services nonprofits
  SD.31 An Act relative to local approval for charter schools
  SD.32 Resolve establishing a sexual assault counselor certification task force
  SD.35 An Act establishing a board of hoisting machinery regulations
  SD.37 An Act relative to the creative economy
  SD.38 An Act to assist municipal and district ratepayers
  SD.41 Resolve establishing a special commission on the Dover amendment
  SD.42 An Act relative to equitable firearm license fees
  SD.43 An Act relative to equalizing the Department of Revenue interest rates
  SD.44 An Act relative to elevator certificates
  SD.45 An Act relative to life cycle costs for long term pavement solutions
  SD.46 An Act relative to novelty sparklers
  SD.48 An Act to promote safety, efficiency and accountability in transportation projects through public inspections
  SD.71 An Act relative to a municipality’s right of first refusal of agricultural and recreational land
  SD.74 An Act ensuring consumer choice and equal access to eye care
  SD.77 An Act relative to utilities, smart meters, and ratepayers’ rights
  SD.82 An Act relative to retired public employees not eligible for Medicare
  SD.93 An Act relative to affordable housing in the town of Shrewsbury
  SD.102 An Act relative to hormonal contraceptives
  SD.103 An Act relative to smoking cessation agents
  SD.104 An Act improving the tax administrative laws of the Commonwealth
  SD.105 An Act to clarify the net-worth measure of the corporate excise
  SD.106 An Act establishing the Correctional Officers' Procedural Bill of Rights
  SD.107 An Act relative to the definition of fraud in public construction bid laws
  SD.108 An Act relative to transparency in private utility construction contracts
  SD.110 An Act relative to the timely and consistent payment of law enforcement personnel
  SD.111 An Act relative to radon testing
  SD.119 An Act relative to oversight of the sex offender registry board
  SD.144 An Act relative to an affordable health plan
  SD.168 An Act relative to advance placement examinations
  SD.257 An Act expanding whistleblower protections
  SD.294 An Act relative to marijuana-related revenue in the town of Millbury
  SD.297 An Act updating hunter harassment laws
  SD.299 An Act relative to timely care and saving lives
  SD.302 An Act establishing a standing commission on operating under the influence and impaired driving
  SD.305 An Act relative to improving outcomes for sudden cardiac arrest
  SD.364 An Act relative to motor vehicle service contracts
  SD.424 An Act supporting job growth in the commonwealth
  SD.457 An Act relative to group market plans for automobile and homeowners insurance
  SD.571 An Act relative to elevator certification fees
  SD.572 An Act relative to patient centered access to behavioral health services in accountable care organizations
  SD.574 An Act relative to dental hygienists
  SD.575 An Act relative to public safety on private college and university campuses
  SD.576 An Act relative to line of duty death benefits for police officers employed by private colleges and universities
  SD.624 An Act authorizing electronic signatures on search warrant applications
  SD.626 An Act to enhance courthouse security
  SD.628 An Act relative to the safety of courthouses and remote court proceedings
  SD.678 An Act relative to chemicals in food packaging
  SD.681 An Act improving the quality of courthouse security
  SD.715 An Act protecting personal identifying information
  SD.776 An Act relative to hospital profit and fairness
  SD.785 An Act relative to commonwealth building projects
  SD.792 An Act relative to the retirement of MassPort officers
  SD.808 An Act updating the Commonwealth's wiretap statutes
  SD.814 An Act relative to the Architectural Access Board
  SD.817 An Act relative to sexual violence on higher education campuses
  SD.829 An Act expanding professional development for state university and community college campus police officers
  SD.851 An Act establishing a Cybersecurity Control and Review Commission
  SD.852 An Act relative to cybersecurity education in schools
  SD.867 An Act to address inequality, promote opportunity and end poverty
  SD.1039 An Act relative to pain management treatment for certain chronic pain patients
  SD.1122 An Act expanding access to patient centered care for opioid use disorder
  SD.1285 An Act relative to criminal justice training regarding autistic persons
  SD.1315 An Act establishing local emergency management agencies
  SD.1360 An Act relative to the alignment of the University of Massachusetts police
  SD.1362 An Act relative to the health and welfare of the University of Massachusetts police
  SD.1372 An Act providing survivor benefits to Ava Roy, the daughter of fallen firefighter Christopher Roy
  SD.1697 An Act providing mental wellness training for police officers
  SD.1712 An Act further regulating the enforcement of illegal hunting practices
  SD.1801 An Act relative to the use of unmanned aerial systems
  SD.1836 An Act to protect persons with intellectual or developmental disability from abuse
  SD.1877 An Act relative to the Massachusetts State College Building Authority
  SD.1879 An Act relative to penalties for operation of motor vehicles after unlawful removal of an ignition interlock device
  SD.2218 An Act relative to notification of landowners impacted by state transportation projects
  HD.3408 An Act An act relative to police education and training
  HD.3528 An Act establishing a liberty bell feasibility study
  SD.24 An Act providing for an equitable Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System pension for Paul C. Nordberg This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.