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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator William N. Brownsberger Democrat - Second Suffolk and Middlesex

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President Pro Tempore
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  SD.68 An Act establishing the refusal to provide certain records as an unfair labor practice
  SD.69 An Act reducing health care costs through improved medication management
  SD.70 An Act improving students' access to life saving treatments
  SD.75 An Act to improve medical decision making
  SD.76 An Act updating the definition of sexual assault counsellor to expand confidentiality protections
  SD.94 An Act to prevent the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences based on juvenile adjudications
  SD.124 An Act relative to early voting
  SD.254 An Act relative to probation violations
  SD.256 An Act related to indigency
  SD.271 An Act relative to determining the best interest of children in probate and family court
  SD.272 An Act relative to governmental and charitable tort liability
  SD.321 An Act to protect the privacy of children in eviction proceedings
  SD.340 An Act requiring sexual misconduct climate surveys at institutions of higher education
  SD.342 An Act relative to the Garden of Peace
  SD.389 An Act relative to electronic signatures for electronic applications for criminal complaints
  SD.390 An Act to prevent bureaucratic overreach in the collection of student debt
  SD.395 An Act relative to end of life options
  SD.400 An Act establishing a minimum wage for incarcerated workers
  SD.404 An Act relative to civil service resident preference
  SD.410 An Act to protect rental car customers
  SD.426 An Act relative to restoration to service
  SD.434 An Act protecting individuals in law enforcement custody
  SD.436 An Act relative to motor vehicle registration plates
  SD.459 An Act to restrict the use of pesticides around children
  SD.569 An Act relative to OBRA retirement accounts
  SD.570 An Act establishing an institute within the Department of Public Health
  SD.596 An Act relative to the punishment of organized retail crimes
  SD.597 An Act regarding district court jurisdiction of threats to use deadly weapons, explosives, chemical or biological agents, or other devices or substances capable of causing death, serious bodily injury or substantial property damage
  HD.599 An Act requiring sexual misconduct climate surveys at institutions of higher education
  SD.615 An Act establishing the commission for a climate-ready commonwealth
  SD.623 An Act relative to eligibility for unemployment benefits for furloughed federal employees
  SD.640 An Act establishing an online lottery
  SD.697 An Act relative to vehicle recalls
  SD.698 An Act relative to the possession of self-defense spray
  SD.700 An Act relative to TNC driver suitability
  SD.708 An Act relative to LLC filing fees
  SD.709 An Act establishing a special commission to improve the Department of Conservation and Recreation
  SD.737 An Act relative to obsolete court records
  SD.739 An Act requiring the timely adoption of greenhouse gas emission limits for the year 2030
  SD.742 An Act concerning the Massachusetts Probation Service
  SD.748 An Act updating criminal justice reform
  SD.783 An Act to make the statewide grand jury system permanent
  SD.831 An Act relative to archaic laws
  SD.847 An Act to reduce traffic fatalities
  SD.888 An Act relative to inmate telephone calls
  SD.1035 An Act repealing mandatory life without parole
  SD.1052 An Act relative to community works programs
  SD.1178 An Act relative to access to community corrections
  SD.1278 An Act relative to preventing discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity by educational institutions
  SD.1426 An act concerning GPS devices to be worn by certain sex offender probationers and parolees
  SD.1427 An Act relative to juveniles accused of sex offenses
  SD.1461 An Act relative to automated enforcement
  SD.2179 An Act to protect non-medicare retirees
  SD.2266 By Mr. Brownsberger, a petition (accompanied by bill) (subject to Joint Rule 12) of William N. Brownsberger for legislation relative to benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepine hypnotics. Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery.
  SD.473 An act relative to certain easements This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.