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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Alice Hanlon Peisch Democrat - 14th Norfolk

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
HD.262 An Act to create an income tax deduction for municipal and school fees
HD.445 An Act to Promote Autonomy and Success in Schools
HD.1318 An Act relative to hawkers and peddlers
HD.1319 An Act relative to craft brewers
HD.1656 An Act relative to hazing in schools
HD.2191 An Act making municipalities eligible to attend auctions for the purchase of motor vehicles
HD.2195 An Act regulating the granting of temporary licenses for the sale of wine, beer, and malt liquor at auctions
HD.2217 An Act relative to dropout prevention and recovery
HD.2234 An Act to protect the rights of municipalities and districts
HD.2238 An Act to add a compulsory death benefit to automobile liability insurance
HD.2243 An Act relative to real estate disclosure forms
HD.2244 An Act to reduce lead poisoning in children
HD.2246 An Act relative to handicap automobile licenses or placards
HD.2247 An Act relative to early college high schools
HD.2249 An Act relative to the State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund Board of Directors
HD.2252 An Act to continue tax basis rules for property acquired from decedents
HD.2257 An Act extending net operating losses to financial institutions
HD.2261 An Act reforming economic substance rules
HD.2268 An Act relative to tax withholding for individual retirement accounts
HD.2271 An Act making senior citizen property tax relief more equitable
HD.2276 An Act relative to energy efficiency funds generated by municipal light plants
HD.2280 An Act relative to online driver education
HD.2285 An Act regulating the posting of speed limits
HD.3012 An Act relative to education collaboratives
HD.3024 An Act to increase access to high quality summer learning opportunities
HD.3055 An Act relative to special education finance
HD.3253 An Act relative to the school choice program
HD.3273 An Act establishing a smart gun technology task force
HD.3288 An Act relative to property tax deferrals for seniors
HD.3393 An Act relative to effective resource allocation in schools
HD.3451 An Act relative to dyslexia
HD.3586 An Act relative to improving teacher preparation and certification
HD.3610 An Act ensuring high quality early education
HD.3676 An Act establishing an educational mandate task force
HD.3680 An Act relative to charter school enrollment
* — indicates bill is by request.