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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Bruce J. Ayers Democrat - 1st Norfolk

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HD.678 An Act to hold property owners accountable for recurring public nuisance
HD.681 An Act regulating body art
HD.687 An Act establishing uniform safeguards and public protections for consumers conducting bank transactions at automated teller machines
HD.757 An Act instructing the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to study the feasibility of absorbing oversight of all “memory care” assisted living facilities and units in the Commonwealth
HD.782 An Act instructing the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to study the feasibility of establishing an Animal Shelter and Dog Park on state-owned property in the city of Quincy
HD.783 An Act providing for a donation check-off box on state tax returns for the Massachusetts Youth in Government program
HD.784 An Act relative to public access to Long Island in Boston Harbor
HD.788 An Act relative to puppy mills
HD.789 Resolutions memorializing the Congress of the United States to declare the city of Quincy as the most Patriotic city in America
HD.790 An Act relative to providing improved access to taxicabs for persons with disabilities
HD.791 An Act relative to increasing the fines and penalties for texting and driving
HD.792 An Act further regulating junior operator licenses
HD.795 An Act relative to selling tattooing, branding, body piercing kit or device to an unlicensed body art practitioner or minor
HD.796 An Act relative to the Division of Waterways to dredge Quincy Bay
HD.800 An Act directing the office of the inspector general to conduct a study of leasing practices utilized by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
HD.801 An Act relative to the deduction of health insurance payments from gross income for self employed individuals
HD.804 An Act establishing penalties for the filing of false reports against police officers
HD.805 An Act relative to criminal offender record information
HD.808 An Act relative to public safety at the Furnace Brook Parkway in the city of Quincy
HD.809 An Act directing certain payments to cities and towns by the Massport authority
HD.810 An Act to regulate the training and supervision of snowmobiles
HD.811 An Act relative to the soundproofing program facilitated by the Massachusetts Port Authority
HD.812 An Act authorizing the Department of Highways to acquire land in the city of Quincy and the town of Milton for the purpose of flood control and prevention
HD.813 An Act relative to arbitration for automobile insurance property damage
HD.814 An Act relative to the penalty for resisting a police officer
HD.816 An Act providing mortgage customers additional mandatory information regarding their accounts
HD.818 An Act relative to providing tax processing and filing assistance for certain disabled veterans
HD.820 An Act increasing the penalties for unfair and deceptive actions perpetrated against persons with disabilities and senior citizens
HD.823 An Act relative to exemptions for small charities for tax upon raffle proceeds
HD.824 An Act relative to jet ski safety
HD.826 An Act establishing a revolving fund to supplement the funding of waterway projects and coastal protection initiatives
HD.827 An Act assuring that polling places are accessible to elderly and physically challenged voters
HD.829 An Act relative to the enhanced disposition of surplus motor vehicles owned by the commonwealth or authorities established by the state
HD.830 An Act establishing an emergency equipment grant program for firefighters
HD.833 An Act providing an income tax credit for families caring for relatives at home who are elderly or victims of Alzheimer's disease
HD.834 An Act authorizing insurance providers to extend motor vehicle liability insurance rebates to customers with safe driving records
HD.835 An Act allowing local housing authorities access to criminal and other records of tenants and prospective tenants
HD.836 An Act extending certain existing sales tax exemptions to veteran's organizations
HD.838 An Act establishing a mandatory sentence for destruction, defacement or damage to burial tombs and grave markers
HD.840 An Act providing for property tax relief for small business owners
HD.842 An Act relative to increasing the fine for handicap parking violations for city/town implementation and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
HD.844 An Act exempting certain fraternal organizations from the tax of sales of alcoholic beverages
HD.846 An Act allowing cities and towns the authority to issue temporary parking identification placards to the temporarily disabled
HD.847 Resolve to establish a special commission to perform an investigation and providing for a study relative to the long term management, maintenance and future use of the Boston Harbor Long and Moon Islands
HD.878 An Act providing for a study to be conducted on the cost feasibility of implementing a ferry service to Long Island in Boston Harbor
HD.879 An Act instructing the Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game to study the feasibility of repurposing the former Moon Island Sewage Treatment Plant for the purposes of fish and shellfish farms
HD.893 An Act relative to residency
HD.896 An Act designating the month of October as Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
HD.1211 An Act relative to the Department of Fire Services Commission
HD.1212 An Act relative to appointment procedures for the State Fire Marshall
HD.1228 An Act relative to further increasing the fines for cruelty to animals, and establishing a fund dedicated to improvements for local animal shelters
HD.888 An Act directing the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to study the feasibility of reevaluating the process of testing for concussions and similar traumatic brain injuries This bill is by request. *
HD.892 An Act amending M.G.L. 32, s. 4(1)(h) This bill is by request. *
* — indicates bill is by request.