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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Elizabeth A. Malia Democrat - 11th Suffolk

Follow In My Legislature Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
  HD.3607 An Act protecting Massachusetts hospitals and health systems
  HD.3608 An Act relative to election day registration
  HD.3609 An Act providing access to full spectrum addiction treatment services
  HD.3611 An Act relative to dual diagnosis treatment coverage
  HD.3612 An Act strengthening recovery high schools
  HD.3614 An Act regulating the use of credit reports by employers
  HD.3615 An Act relative to accountable care organizations
  HD.3617 An Act relative to the health care of minors
  HD.3619 An Act ensuring positive transition for at-risk youth
  HD.3621 An Act relative to diversion to substance use disorder treatment for non-violent drug offenders
  HD.3622 An Act promoting pay transparency and pipeline advancement
  HD.3625 An Act improving access to behavioral health services
  HD.3626 An Act removing administrative barriers to behavioral health services
  HD.3627 An Act providing access to patient protection services for MassHealth consumers
  HD.3628 An Act relative to emergency and disaster planning for health care providers
  HD.3629 An Act providing equitable access to behavioral health services for MassHealth consumers
  HD.3630 An Act ensuring access to recovery coaches
  HD.3632 An Act protecting children's mental health services
  HD.3633 An Act establishing a behavioral health workforce commission
  HD.3634 An Act studying outpatient care costs
  HD.3635 An Act providing easier and greater access to record sealing
  HD.3636 An Act reducing recidivism and promoting family relationships during incarceration
  HD.3637 An Act promoting family stability by further reforming criminal offender record information, increasing access to employment and preventing unfair accrual of debt
  HD.3889 An Act relieving mortgage debt
  HD.3898 An Act authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to lease certain property at the Hinton State Laboratory in the city of Boston
  HD.3899 An Act clarifying parental rights in the administration of standardized tests
  HD.3911 An Act further redefining teacher for retirement purposes
  HD.3921 An Act promoting urban agriculture and horticulture
  HD.3922 An Act creating assignment levels in the Department of Early Education and Care
  HD.3941 An Act establishing local options for generating affordable housing monies
  HD.3949 An Act requiring school districts, with the assistance of the department of elementary and secondary education, to disclose information about required assessments
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.